Monday, December 7, 2009

Shouldn't Even Be Working On It!

What is it about unconstitutional our federal legislators don't understand?

Neither the Republicans, Independents, or Democrats should be spending one minute on Health Care Reform. It is not in the areas of legislation allowed by the U. S. Constitution, nor can a nexus be drawn without traveling to "Fantasy Land." Let me remind you what those are:

1. National Security
2. Manufacture of Currency
3. Interstate Commerce
4. The power to tax in order to support the other three.

The States hold sovereign authority in all other areas.

Let me remind you of illegally legislated programs by the U. S. Government in the areas outside their narrow venue.

Social Security - Failure
Medicare - Failure with massive fraud
Medicaid - Failure with massive fraud

These are just in the area of federal welfare associated with the payment of medical bills.

Now we are being asked to sit quietly by while the same morons who gave us these jewels shove some new bank breaking programs down our collective throats. We need a leader. We need legislators who are more concerned about the survival of our nation than they are about feathering their own nest. Remember this next year when it is time to vote. I intend to. We have a U. S. Senator who is foolishly trying to unseat our Republican governor here in Texas. Kay Bailey Hutchison (She is a RHINO) has proved herself to be one of the go along to get along gang in Washington D.C. She is now trying to come home and split the Republican voting base by running a sleazy campaign. We don't need anyone who has spent as much time in D.C. as she has, and certainly not someone who would risk putting a Democrat in the governor's seat to further her own political ambitions. These are the folks we need to replace. Any legislator who goes along with the foolish and illegal bills now being considered in health care and climate legislation should not only be voted out, but ruined for any further service.

My pessimism extends to the point of even suspecting the sincerity of the pessimists.
Jean Rostand


  1. We need one or more modern day Moses' to lead the the masses of Americans desirous of keeping our liberty. He needs to have the moral courage to confront the modern day Pharoah(Obama) and demand he let the people go to live in freedom and remove the shackles of government control and intrusion. Of course we are already in our promiseland God gave us and it is O'Pharoah and his henchmen that need to be exiled and sent to the wasteland. Maybe collectively we can all be a Moses and demand our freedom.

  2. Pappy and Carey. I have no problem with what you say. The only problem we have is this, "People in America now expect thee social programs as entitlements. They expect the Government to take care of them - at the expense of those like us that work for what we want and make." As long as Americans expect to be cared for, we might as well try to spit in the wind without having it blow back in our Faces.

  3. I keep hoping there are still enough left to overcome the entitlement mentality of some rather large groups. Never hurts to hope. I certainly don't have any idea how many it would take, but a great many people now seem to be of the opinion that what we need is a severely trimmed down version of our current federal government.

  4. We definately need a Moses (who was a type of Christ) to lead us against the current type of anti-Christ (Obama-Pelosi-Reid). I hope there's more of us who care about the country than those who don't.

  5. Pappy, I've been listening to all the discourse about the abortion issue in health care reform. Our senators really don't seem to understand that it's not just about abortion. It's about government-run healthcare, period! Most Americans don't want it.

  6. Pappy, thanks for taking your time and energy to post these. I always appreciate being able to read them.


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