Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Sailing


It started out a lovely day
March breezes softly blew.
I pulled my sailboat to the lake
my wife the only crew.

But as we launched, clouds drifted in
cool wind began to gust.
It was my crewmate’s first assist
some training was a must.

My boat was small with open hull
no keel, just centerboard.
I turned her bow into the wind
set sail and ran from shore.

She heeled to starboard on a reach
my wife was seated there.
The gunnels touched the water line
her eyes were wide with fear.

The water finally breached the side
and roused her from the trance.
She crossed the hull and glared at me
with malice in her glance.

I took the hint and made for port
riding with the wind.
I’d have to find another crew

or sail alone again.

Dennis Price