Thursday, September 27, 2012

I guess many thought I had ceased my blogging efforts altogether.  Not true, not true. I have been in the doldrums of not having my main computer.  It ceased working properly months ago and finally refused to turn on earlier this month.  I believed it was a conspiracy by Microsoft because I installed a virus program not provided by Windows.  Then I thought, the "Thought Police" have taken exception to some of my writings and decided to censor me.  I think now it might be an outdated mother board.  I am trying to get it updated.  I am pretty sure I have all the data saved on an external drive, but with technology, I never really know for sure.  In the meantime I am reduced to using a laptop.  It is an uncomfortable thing to try and type on because my thumbs occasionally drag on the little pad below the space bar and move the cursor to outer space where my typing ends up.  So until I get my data base back this will have to suffice.  I am trying to use the time to create some new poetry using pencil and paper.  See you in the funny papers, Pappy