Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter is Coming.

Autumn’s colored splendor fades away.
It’s coming; I hear the north wind’s song.
Bare branches stand against a canvas gray.
Days shorten; nights become too long.

Cool, crisp, sharp, raw, blue.
Varied harshness marks its passing here.
Weak ones sometimes do not make it through.
At times, it also brings the strongest fear.

Blinding brightness – Snow is on the ground.
Icy crystals bend the straining bough.
Silence broken by its tinkling sound.
Surreal, it manifests its beauty now.

Dennis Price

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time for the next season.

Black Friday is over and the Thanksgiving leftovers are appearing in smaller and smaller Tupperware tubs, but there is no time for rest.  The adds and glitz of the Christmas Season are everywhere.  I happen to like the Christmas season.  I like what it represents, and the feelings it brings.  I'm not much on the commercial trappings, but I do like the traditional symbols.  I have an artificial tree that looks similar to a real one, but there is nothing like the appearance and smell of the real McCoy.

With blue spruce tree I mark the season’s start.
Its Christmas smell stirs memories from my heart.
When as a child I marveled at the sight
Of tinseled branches hung with colored fare.
Anticipating with each passing night,
The presents that Old Santa would leave there.
Its Christmas smell stirs memories from my heart.
With blue spruce tree I mark the season’s start.

Dennis Price

Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving.

Bebe set a beautiful table and it awaits the guests arrival.  We look back today at the wonderful feast of yesterday.  Truly a day to be thankful for and a repast of note.

Pappy takes the hot bird off the smoker and heads for the cutting board.  The wind was blowing from the south and the temperature was in the eighties.  That all changed last night when the wind shifted to the north.

Grandson Aaron shows us the pumpkin pie he and his mother made.  He has become quite the Chef.

Andrea sneaks up on Pappy and gets an early piece of turkey.  Everybody loves the guy slicing the bird.

Aunt Nene reads to niece Ava while the mighty preparations are being completed.

The spread is out and ready to put on the plates.  Ham, smoked turkey, fruit salad, yeast rolls, cornbread dressing, gravy, squash casserole, green bean casserole, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, two pumpkin pies and one pecan pie.  The blessing has been said and the plates are being filled.

The left side of the table is too busy to be bothered with a picture.  Aaron has put on his Indian attire to really get into the spirit of the first Thanksgiving.

Andrea tries to match the left side of the table knife stroke for knife stroke.  Bebe took a picture of herself in the mirror.

And last, but far from least, Pappy anticipates the tasty delights.  With a little afternoon exercise and skipping supper I was able to stay within my calorie limit.  Those three pieces of pie were worth missing one meal.

 You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.
  - Sam Levenson

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

I was thinking of how thankful I was for the men and women of the Blue Knights, Texas Chapter 42 in Brownsville, Texas.  These unselfish law enforcement officers and their families work hard at their respective jobs, but they take time to give back to the communities where they live.  Back in October, they partnered with the Lopez Market in Brownsville, Texas and sold around 600 chicken dinners.  Here are the Knights and Lady Knights delivering the chicken plates.

With the money raised on the sale of the chicken plates, and other money raised by the Lady Knights in a bake sale held weeks earlier, the Knights were able to purchase 51 Turkey dinners to be delivered to needy families in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Last Friday, the Knights of Brownsville Chapter 42 loaded up and set out to deliver the 51 Turkey dinners at churches and schools who had identified families in need.  In Harlingen, fellow officers from the Harlingen, TX police department provided us with a police escort.
In Harlingen, Texas a group stopped at Stuart Place Elementary school, and Crockett Elementary school before returning to Brownsville, Texas and meeting up with the group below
Other groups delivered dinners in Los Fresnos and Olmito also.  We enjoy riding together for fun and fellowship, but the giving part of our mission brings us the most joy.  I'm proud to be a member.

Friday, November 19, 2010


In our comfort, the men of the church have abdicated their role as leaders.  They are afraid to speak up and the quality of our worship suffers.

I arrive each Sunday morning
with some anticipation
that perhaps I’ll find it again.


I feel no comfort, only anxiety.
Has it left me, or have I left it?
Am I on the wrong page?
The buzz of people talking in the sanctuary
before the service,
politics, health, sports, gossip,
it creates quite a din.
No time for quiet reflection,
thoughts of God,
relief from the every day.

Hustle to be on time.
Announcements with prayers in them.
Prayers with announcements in them.
Racks with unused hymnals,
silent reminders of the inspired
utterances of saintly poets.

Sometimes we sing one or two,
rarely stopping for a breath between them
so we can chant some over used chorus
several times while craning our necks
to see the words displayed high above
on a drop down screen.

No music to follow.  Just some bouncy tune
that we should know because we
hear it so often.
It makes me want to bunny hop down the aisle.
I squirm and hope that the song service ends soon.


Dennis Price

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Way to go Jan!!   
Arizona governor vs. Phoenix Suns owner 

The owner of the Phoenix Suns basketball team, Robert Sarver, opposes AZ's new immigration laws. Arizona 's Governor, Jan Brewer, released the following statement in response to Sarver's criticism of the new law:

"What if the owners of the Suns discovered that hordes of people were sneaking into games without paying? What if they had a good idea who the gate-crashers are, but the ushers and security personnel were not allowed to ask these folks to produce their ticket stubs, thus non-paying attendees couldn't be ejected. Furthermore, what if Suns' ownership was expected to
provide those who sneaked in with complimentary eats and drink? And what if, on those days when a gate-crasher became ill or injured, the Suns had to provide free medical care and shelter?" 
 - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer
Try going to any other country without ID.

I haven't checked this with SNOPES , but if it isn't true then it should be.  The Democrats are good at making the water muddy by stirring the pot with half truths.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

Deer Camp - Texas Style

Bebe and I got an invitation to go to the deer lease this weekend.  One of the partners decided not to go, so we took his place.  It is not exactly what we pictured when we got the invitation (click on photos to enlarge).

This is the kitchen inside the main house.  The living area with the 50" television is visible through the portal.

Mandy, Bebe, and Chris swap lies at the outdoor kitchen.  Mesquite smoke wafts from the barbecue pit and bathes the supper burgers.

Chris, Mandy, Lola the camp dog, and I pose for Bebe.

This guy showed up near my blind and I snapped his photo.  It is not even rut yet and bucks this size are already showing up.

Here are three nice bucks and a two year old.  Even the youngster had a nice set of antlers.  We had a great weekend of good food and fellowship.

After a hard day of watching the animals, it was back to the camp to watch a little college football.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Not Exactly

This is probably the most recognizable symbol in the rental car world.  I know you've seen the commercials where someone rents a vehicle that ends up being a real disappointment and is asked if they used Hertz.  Their answer is usually along the lines of , "Not exactly."

I have been upset by a recent wave in many churches in our denomination including my own in adopting a methodology and philosophy of "doing church" which when examined with the question, "Is this biblical?" begs for the answer, "Not exactly."

The source seems to be a series of seminars put together by some mega-church pastors who feel they have come up with "getting in on what God's blessing...."  I have listened to the philosophy from our pulpit for over two years now and I have stopped going to our worship services.  To me it is like opening a below sink cabinet  and getting a slight whiff of something unpleasant and knowing something has missed the garbage can.  It may take some time to find it, but until you do, staying in the kitchen means searching until you find the source or eating out.

You may be experiencing angst if you have read the biblical purpose for the local church and know the biblical requirements concerning those who are leaders in the church.  I think we have all been complacent in allowing this type of teaching to seep into our denomination.  Each local church is autonomous and we often think this means we are immune to  heretical teaching.

A flippant use of scriptures by the minister can make the under-involved member believe that what is being said is the gospel.  However, when the passages used in support of a false premise are examined in the light of their original context, the true meaning is revealed.

The method used by ministers who buy in to this "scripture bending", to deflect critics, is to label them "whiners "  and direct them to "find another church" if they are not satisfied with the direction the church is being taken.

It is a philosophy that reeks of "neo-gnosticism".  Only those who have reached a certain level of spiritual awareness by following steps, laid out by those who have arrived, can receive God's vision for the local church.  The pastors are autocratic proclaimers of the "new way" and feel impervious to sanctions by those who differ from their slanted interpretations of the scripture.  I have obviously missed the boat because I abhor the approach and feel it is built on mis-use of scripture.

I am attaching a link in which the Christian talk show host does a good job of analyzing the philosophy in light of what is said in scripture.  The presentation takes about two hours to complete, so I would suggest that once you have the link up, you book mark it and then you can listen to it in segments if you don't have time to hear it in one sitting.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Out of revolution,
the grip of monarch’s rule.
Driven by freedom.
Founded on values
from God’s holy book,
the glue that binds,
in trust,
its varied masses.


Through fire of war,
was forged in strength
a strong republic.


And though the vision dims
in her prosperity,
she rises to the challenge
when tyrants seek
to quell her voice.


Blessed by God,
we must hold those
values close
that bound
our loose knit colonies
in their infancy.


Dennis Price

Thanks to all veterans everywhere.  America is in your debt.  May God richly bless you and your families.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What does this all mean?

Now, let me see, if I combine the information in the last two posts with this, I wonder what will happen?

The gospel message is the most important thing.  Jesus Christ came to earth as a sinless human being.  He was born of a woman but without Adam's seed.  This was God's preordained plan  from before creation to save man from the curse of death brought on by Adam's choice to follow his carnal instincts and disobey the Father.  Jesus walked among us as a man and taught us what was important in the Kingdom of God.  Then he was put to death as the spotless lamb to pay for the sins of the world.  He was placed in a borrowed tomb, but he conquered death and appeared to many before ascending to dwell at the right hand of his Father in heaven.  The Holy Spirit was then sent to be our guide and comforter until Jesus returns.

All those who accept what God did through Jesus, and ask Him to forgive their sins will be adopted as sons and may come to the father having been made righteous through Jesus.  The Holy Spirit then indwells those who have been saved and helps them determine what God would have them do by illuminating the teachings of the Bible.

Christ did not heal all the sick, nor relieve all the suffering, nor did he change all the social institutions of his day that were in conflict with the life God would have us all to live.  He presented the gospel message and taught how, one by one,  God's kingdom could be realized here on earth.  He befriended the disenfranchised and led them to belief and repentance and taught his disciples  to do the same.  We see the Kingdom as though we were looking through smoked glass, or a very poor mirror and will continue to do so until Jesus Christ returns to take us home to heaven.  He taught those who were believers to act differently from the world and to pay attention to the things He taught were important.  Jesus taught that we should follow His example first at home, then with neighbors, and then to the uttermost parts of the world.

We have followed this pattern in our bumbling fashion for a long time.  We have nurtured individual relationships until the Holy Spirit gave us opportunity and then we shared the gospel message and let the Holy Spirit do his miraculous work.  As God blessed us and gave us material resources and new technology, we expanded our mission across the world using missionaries who won the trust of those to whom they were sent and then presented the gospel.

Lately, there has been a move in many Christian circles to join with those who are now known as "progressives" to ignore worldly differences and partner with worldly partners to address global social injustice and effect social and environmental change.  In some writings these who are willing to take this approach have been called "Progressive Christians."

God instructed us to be in the world, but to be separated from the world.  I believe he intended us to feed and clothe the poor and hungry and then present them with the gospel.  Jesus did not seek to change the social injustices of his day by political action against them, rather He sought to change the hearts and minds of believers (individuals) on both ends of the spectrum so that as they matured in Him the change would come about naturally.

The world has no real answers to the hard problems facing all of us.  But they do see Christians as stumbling blocks to their secular humanist plans to re-engineer humanity and bring them to some state of Nirvana.  So, in order to water down the Christian belief system they come into the flock wearing a sheep's clothing.  Many of the things they do and say resonate with our Christian belief system and are appealing to us as a way to relieve suffering around the world.  However, when you look at the money trail, and examine how the profits are distributed, very little money is leaving headed in the direction of the undereducated and under paid workers for which it was intended.  The distribution of the funds raised after all the administrative costs are figured in is done through Co-Ops in third world countries.  The only requirement for participation is signing an agreement saying you will distribute the funds in a fair and equitable manner.  I can tell you from a life time of experience that just because they sign doesn't mean they'll carry through.  Once the gullible benefactors leave, it is back to life as usual with those in charge getting the largest cut of the pie.  When the distribution is left in the hands of Christian missionaries who are on location and can oversee the distribution, then more equitable results can be expected.  And here is the most important consideration, the gospel is always combined with the relief efforts.

Go to the web sites of the denominational participants and read them carefully.  Then click on the links offered for those partners up the line.  My experience was that they were filled with the hollow jargon of the new world order replete with the symbols of Eastern mysticism.  The non-Christian partners follow the pagan practice of worshiping the creation rather than the Creator God.  While the denomination site had some scriptures included in some of its mission statements, it did not have the spreading of the gospel as a stated purpose anywhere.  Those Partner sites beyond the first level had even less.

Be careful.  Just because something sounds good and salves our earthly guilt, it doesn't necessarily mean it is God centered and in keeping with his instructions for us in spreading His gospel.

Remember too that the progressive movement only tolerates Christianity to legitimize the progressive message.  It does support whole-heartedly the recognition and acceptance of aberrant sexual practices, abortion, radical environmental tactics, the ACLU, one world government, the removal of Christianity from all institutions in the United States and around the world, and secular humanism in all of its facets.

I am of the opinion that this is not what God would have us to do.  His word tells me to keep myself separate from the world and its hollow offerings.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trying to figure it out.

I hope you understood the caution being sounded in the article attached to the last post.  It is difficult to tell why one would be opposed to such a noble effort without looking at a variety of other things that seem unrelated.  The whole movement toward a one world government has been going on for a long time.  It has gained acceptance in some political circles in recent years and most of the push toward man's making a real difference in things like the environment, social justice, and redistribution of wealth has come into full bloom over the last thirty years.

These ideas have been tried by a number of socialist leaders in the past, but their efforts have failed and have been relatively short lived.  No one tries to get into countries with this kind of governmental system.  However, during the last election the proponents of these philosophies of secular humanism managed to get a candidate into the White House and the slide toward perdition has been rapid.

Christians around the world have been opposed to these philosophies because they presuppose that man can, in his own power, change nature and his own fallen carnal inclinations.  So, for years the progressives have incrementally infused education and religion with their do good to feel good programs that put the creation ahead of the creator.  In the process they have removed God from the equation by shaming nominal Christians into believing that we are being exclusive in our demand that God be included in all phases of our existence in a Christian nation.  These same people have no tolerance for Christians and attempt to hold them up to contempt as uneducated rubes with no compassion for others.  Non-Christian nations all over the world slaughter those who are Christians and don't even allow them to worship.  The intellectual elites in academic circles worldwide seem to have no problem with this type of behavior.  I've been a Christian for over fifty years and I've been witness to acts of kindness and benevolence by dedicated Christians during all this time.  This has been worldwide, but because it comes from a heartfelt gratitude for what God did through Jesus Christ, the actors don't desire publicity.  The worldly press doesn't recognize that it's happening and only the recipients know its origin.

Let me set the record straight.   Christians care about the environment.  However they are well grounded in the reality that when it comes to nature, God has the final say.  All the worldwide efforts to bring man together to heal the environment have done nothing.  One volcano in Iceland can dump enough carbon exhaust into the atmosphere to overcome all the gains man has made in fifty years of industrial clean-up.  This doesn't mean we shouldn't try, but it does mean that all the governmental regulation in the world isn't the answer.

Christians care about the poor and disenfranchised in the U. S. and around the world.  In a booklet by Dr. David Jeremiah, the following facts concerning the role of America in World Missions are provided.  "One reason for God's blessing has been our involvement in world missions - taking the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth.  America has provided approximately three-fourths of history's missionaries and the same amount of money and other resources.  When 75% of the missionary activity in the world has emanated from a country with only five percent of the world's population, that is significant.  Today, 95 percent of the world's population has access to some portion of the Bible in their language, plus Christian radio, audio recordings, and other resources like the "Jesus" film." 

This information is a necessary precursor in finding the solution to the symbolic jumble of intertwined knots shown in the photograph above.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's In Your Pulpit?

It looks like a sheep.  It feels like a sheep.  It smells like a sheep.  Therefore it must be a sheep, right?  For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis you may find this a deviation from where I normally go with my pontification, but it really is an extension of my attempts to enlighten you in a number of areas.  The move toward globalism is all around us.  We are being herded like sheep toward acceptance of the idea that an all caring world government is necessary for us to survive.  We are presented with "Crisis Situations" (most of which have been manufactured to cause panic) and then we are told that we must band together with all people under singular leadership to bring the situation under control and save us from certain destruction.

Many of us in the United States of America, who still have the ability to think critically, reject this bogus premise.  We resist and offer proof to the contrary.  We highlight the shallowness of the arguments in favor of a one world system and we hold firmly to our freedom and the idea of limited government.  How then can the proponents of globalism tear down the resistance?  Well, recently I was awakened to the fact that even our churches have been infiltrated with this insidious philosophy that is firmly rooted in secular humanism.  Because I am Baptist, and our denomination is known for its conservatism and the autonomy of each local church, I wasn't paying attention.  Let's take a look at this article to see what is happening.  After you read the article you can comment using the comment section (anonymous comments are accepted) or you can e-mail me with your comments or questions.  If you use the anonymous comment option, you can still leave me your name or a clue as to your identity if you so desire.

Let this information sink in.  It forms the basis for the less obvious situation related to our denomination that I will cover in upcoming posts.

Sunday Sermon

Nooo.  I'm not preaching.  I'm just reposting a devotional I received from Dr. David Jeremiah.  I hope it means a lot to you.  It certainly was comforting to me.

Today's Turning Point
Weekend, November 6 & 7
The Thanksgiving Table: The Turkey
Now it happened, as they were eating the stew, that they cried out and said, "Man of God, there is death in the pot!" And they could not eat it.2 Kings 4:40
Recommended Reading
2 Kings 4:38-41
Most cooks can tell you about a few meals that flopped; and this Thanksgiving there'll undoubtedly be a few turkeys that don't win the James Beard Culinary Award. But hopefully no one will serve death in the pot. Unfortunately, that's what happened with one of the ministerial students at Elisha's seminary. Going out to gather herbs and vegetables for supper, he accidently picked some poisonous gourds and nearly killed off the student body. It required one of Elisha's miracles to avert the tragedy.
This man didn't intend to murder anyone. He was well-intentioned and was only trying to help. He made a terrible mistake, yet the Lord turned it for good. Because of his error, the Lord worked supernaturally, the students were fed, and we have a wonderful Bible story that has endured for centuries.
If you're grieving or worried about a mistake you've made, give it to the Lord. Remember that all things--even our mistakes, the "turkeys"--work for the good of those who love Him. There may be death in the pot, but there's hope with the Lord.
Just because you make mistakes doesn't mean you are one.Anonymous

Getting caught is the mother of invention.
  - Robert Byrne

Friday, November 5, 2010

Arkansas Swamp Marker

West of the colonies,
wild and untamed,
lay a vast stretch of wilderness
owned by the French.

To the south, gulf breezes
cooled old New Orleans.
To the north was Canada’s
vast timbered realm.

In between there was Arkansas,
harsh and unyielding.
Caddo and Quapaw
had managed to stay.

In 1803 the French
had to sell it.
The young U.S. bought it
and moved on its claim.

They needed a marker
to anchor their survey.
A marker, in Arkansas’s
dark river swamps.

North from the mouth
of the Arkansas river.
West from the mouth
of the St Francis too.

Robbins met Brown on
the 10th of November,
in a swamp full of
Cypress and Tupelo gum.

In 1815, they marked
two gum trees.
Base line and meridian
for westward expansion.

In six square mile townships
the new frontier grew.
All measured their boundaries
from an Arkansas swamp.
The settlers came,
moved partly by greed.
The Indians left,
without charity.

Modern surveys confirm it.
The point was the right one.
Those two stately gums
in an Arkansas swamp.

So the West was established,
and new States were added,
by shooting a line to
where Robbins met Brown

at the Tupelo gums
in an Arkansas swamp,
where few folks had been,
and few want to go.

The Louisiana Purchase
of President Jefferson.
Explored by the duo of
Lewis and Clark.

Was mapped and divided
by using two gum trees.
Deep in the heart
of an Arkansas Swamp.

Dennis Price

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Dog Tired.

I don't know about you, but I'm dog tired.  This political season has taken its toll on my energy.  I am a nominal member of the Tea Party movement.  By that I mean I agree with most of their agenda and message, but I'm not a joiner by nature so I don't show up at many rallies.  I admire what these folks from all demographics and walks of life have accomplished and I hate hearing elitist pundits putting them down.

I never watch Don Imus, but this morning I was attracted to the program while channel surfing because of a book he was reviewing entitled "Griftopia".  Griftopia is a new book by Matt Taibbi.  I immediately understood the title having worked in law enforcement for twenty five years, but the young author and Imus thought they should explain the title to the Tea Party crowd.  The short portion of the interview I watched seemed to minimalism the intellectual ability of the Tea Party participants as simple people looking for simple answers to complex questions.  I noticed this same kind of demeaning attitude when the political elite of the Republican party talked about the Tea Party.  Mr. Taibbi circled Imus's question about whether the Tea Party membership was driven in part by racial issues.  This is always the way progressives and academic elitists characterize groups they wish to minimalize.  Our government is the biggest offender when it comes to fracturing our society with its constant use of check boxes to pigeon hole every person in the U. S. into some box based on a variety of groupings.

I wanted to weigh in on the conversation and tell the young Mr. Taibbi that most of us were aware that major banks and huge corporations were stealing us blind on Wall Street with the aid of the federal government.  He seemed to think his recent investigation into the matter was breaking news and if some of us in the Tea Party could read, we might realize what a complex situation we were in.  Well Mr. Taibbi, as simple minded as we are we get it.  That's why we worked so hard to get a strong message out to Washington that "We the People" are steadfastly set on changing the direction of this nation.  We know it will not be easy and our job will continue until many of us have died of old age, but we are awakened and engaged.

We are in tune with letting poorly run and over-unionized businesses and organizations fail.

We are in tune with getting rid of political representatives who will not listen to what the people say.

We are in tune with preventing the Federal Reserve from printing money with zero value to allegedly buy debt to further their incestuous relationship with the government and the mega banks in the name of spurring on business.

We probably have a better understanding of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights than most Harvard trained lawyers and certainly more than most members of our supreme court.

We are in tune with fiscal responsibility and carving off large wasteful chunks of the Federal bureaucracy to save our children and grandchildren from being enslaved to the Chinese communist.

We do know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants and it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the rule of law.

I've heard recent interviews with president Obama and I can tell you he has no intention of changing one iota of his destructive agenda.  He is the "Racist in Chief" and is out to punish his enemies.  Enemies are all people regardless of race, color, creed, or sexual orientation who do not fall into lock step with his destructive and amoral agenda to destroy America.  Let's keep working hard until he is only a distant memory of a bad mistake.

It was on my fifth birthday that Papa put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'Remember, my son, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm.'
  - Sam Levenson

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

America is Watching.

While some of the problem Senators and Representatives still remain in office, I think the American People sent a clear message to Washington, D.C. yesterday.  Business as usual is no longer accepted.  If you don't represent the people your job is not secure.  I was extremely pleased when I picked up the newspaper this morning and saw that conservatives had taken the House of Representatives back.  They also made some gains in the Senate and in several gubernatorial  races also.

This is a good start, but we should continue to keep the pressure on and let our representatives know that the American voting public has been awakened and will remain awake until we get this country back on track.

I heard some pleasing rhetoric on getting rid of earmarks this morning.  I believe this is one of the best things we can do to restore fiscal responsibility to the U. S.   We were able to defeat a life long ear mark expert in Solomon Ortiz, but Valley voters still kept the totally incompetent Ruben Hinojosa in office.  If we get rid of ear marks, Hinojosa will not have anything to vote for and will be exposed as the pawn of the socialist wing of the Democrat party.  I can't think of one piece of legislation he sponsored himself.  I'll be willing to bet he can't read well enough to understand the legislation he has voted for in the past. He really doesn't care what a bill says as long as it contains earmarks that will put money in his pocket.  He refuses to address his constituency in Town Hall meetings, and when written to he responds with the typical Milquetoast form letters used by  "ear mark" politicians.

We will be watching closely Mr. Hinojosa.  I extend this message to the newly elected representatives from all parties.  The American people will continue to be actively involved until we regain control from the noisy, but relatively small special interests who are usually the feature of the complicit press and electronic media.  Keep the heat turned up.  We still have a big job to do.  Thanks to all of you who joined the fight to restore America to her former greatness as " nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them.
  - P. J. O'Rourke

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's Hope We Made a Difference Today.

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

Monday, November 1, 2010

Voting Day Tomorrow

Don't be intimidated.  The Obama administration would have you believe that if you have conservative values and morals, you are racist and an enemy of the State.  However, he and his ilk have trampled the U. S. Constitution and driven our country into near ruin.  They lie and deny at every opportunity and drive divisive racial wedges using their skewed hate filled rhetoric.  These alleged representatives from all political parties are hopefully in for a rude awakening tomorrow after the election.

You remember the thugs from the New Black Panther Party who intimidated voters in a recent election don't you?  Well, what they did was not enough to merit punishment under our federal law.  At least as it is interpreted by our current Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Let's see how the new ruling order interprets voter intimidation. In fact, let's see what the federal ninth circuit court of appeals says on the issue.


"The progressive assault on America continues, and their favorite whipping boy remains Arizona. A three-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned that state's requirement that people show proof of citizenship to register to vote, calling it 'inconsistent' with the National Voter Registration Act. In other words, a United States court considers that proving one is an American citizen in order to vote in an American election an 'undue burden.' How in the world did we come to this? ... What's the best way to destroy our democratic republic? Getting enough Americans to question the integrity of our election process has to be high on the list. And since every case ever litigated in this country with regard to voter ID has had Democrats lined up on the side where less proof is required for voting -- using the phony 'disenfranchisement' argument as an excuse -- an unmistakable pattern is emerging. A pattern which can be reduced to one simple idea: The acquisition and/or maintenance of power by any means necessary. ... Maintaining the integrity of our election process far outweighs any individual undue burdens, and the overwhelming majority of Americans know it. Those who are determined to fight such commonsense provisions aren't fooling anyone, except perhaps their fellow travelers. There is absolutely no reasonable argument to offer against making sure that Americans, and only Americans, vote in American elections -- none. One more compelling reason for decent Americans to get out and vote ... Tuesday. Maybe the most important one of all." --columnist Arnold Ahlert

"Denial isn't just a river in Egypt. It's the Democrats' coping mechanism for midterm election voter fraud. Faced with multiple reports of early voting irregularities and election shenanigans across the country, left-wing groups are playing dumb, deaf and blind. Voter fraud? What voter fraud? More cunningly, these organizations are seeking to marginalize complaints about election integrity by casting citizen watchdog efforts as racist 'scare tactics.' Echoing President Obama's message to the Democratic faithful on the campaign trail, they are accusing political opponents of suppressing the votes of minorities and the poor. On Tuesday, The New York Times quoted a liberal voting rights advocate, Wendy R. Weiser, wringing her hands over individual Americans taking clean elections seriously: 'Private efforts to police the polls create a real risk of vote suppression, regardless of their intent,' said Weiser, director of the Voting Rights and Elections Project at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. 'People need to know that any form of discrimination, intimidation or challenge to voters without adequate basis is illegal or improper.' ... Funny. For the past two years, Democratic leaders have had nothing to say about the militant New Black Panther Party goons who took it upon themselves to police a Philadelphia voting booth in 2008 wielding billy clubs and shouting anti-white slurs to suppress votes. Now, they're treating citizen election monitors as if they are the jack-booted thugs. ... Silence dissent. Criminalize watchdogs. Whitewash fraud. Discourage grassroots engagement. Deny, deny, deny. These are the signature tactics of the left in the age of Obama. On November 2, Americans get their chance to say: Enough." --columnist Michelle Malkin

"Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010 is not Election Day. It is Referendum Day. It may be commonplace for commentators to announce that every election is 'the most important election in our lifetime' or something analogous. But having never said that of a presidential election, let alone an off-year election, this commentator cannot be accused of crying wolf when I say that this off-year election is not simply the most important of my lifetime. It is the most important since the Civil War. The reason is that unlike all previous elections, this one is actually a referendum on the direction of the United States of America. ... And what would constitute a Democrat victory next Tuesday? Anything other than a Republican landslide. Any other result will be interpreted by the media and by the Democrats as solely a result of the economic recession and as the normal losses of the dominant party in off-year elections. In other words, the only way to ensure that the electoral results are seen as a repudiation of the growth of the state and the other Democrat and leftist goals is through an enormous Republican victory. Only then will America understand that this election was not first about jobs. It was above all about America." --radio talk-show host Dennis Prager

Vote these unresponsive elitists out of office tomorrow.  Our future depends on you.

Everybody hates me because I'm so universally liked.
  - Peter de Vries