Friday, November 19, 2010


In our comfort, the men of the church have abdicated their role as leaders.  They are afraid to speak up and the quality of our worship suffers.

I arrive each Sunday morning
with some anticipation
that perhaps I’ll find it again.


I feel no comfort, only anxiety.
Has it left me, or have I left it?
Am I on the wrong page?
The buzz of people talking in the sanctuary
before the service,
politics, health, sports, gossip,
it creates quite a din.
No time for quiet reflection,
thoughts of God,
relief from the every day.

Hustle to be on time.
Announcements with prayers in them.
Prayers with announcements in them.
Racks with unused hymnals,
silent reminders of the inspired
utterances of saintly poets.

Sometimes we sing one or two,
rarely stopping for a breath between them
so we can chant some over used chorus
several times while craning our necks
to see the words displayed high above
on a drop down screen.

No music to follow.  Just some bouncy tune
that we should know because we
hear it so often.
It makes me want to bunny hop down the aisle.
I squirm and hope that the song service ends soon.


Dennis Price


  1. I'm inclined to send this to John's pastor. He might laugh as I did. You sure paint a vivid picture!

  2. I hate those over used choruses too. I'll never sing another one without thinking of the bunny hop.


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