Monday, November 15, 2010

Deer Camp - Texas Style

Bebe and I got an invitation to go to the deer lease this weekend.  One of the partners decided not to go, so we took his place.  It is not exactly what we pictured when we got the invitation (click on photos to enlarge).

This is the kitchen inside the main house.  The living area with the 50" television is visible through the portal.

Mandy, Bebe, and Chris swap lies at the outdoor kitchen.  Mesquite smoke wafts from the barbecue pit and bathes the supper burgers.

Chris, Mandy, Lola the camp dog, and I pose for Bebe.

This guy showed up near my blind and I snapped his photo.  It is not even rut yet and bucks this size are already showing up.

Here are three nice bucks and a two year old.  Even the youngster had a nice set of antlers.  We had a great weekend of good food and fellowship.

After a hard day of watching the animals, it was back to the camp to watch a little college football.

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  1. Jimmy would think he had died and gone to heaven in a camp like that!!!!!

    MS Cuz


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