Friday, November 12, 2010

Not Exactly

This is probably the most recognizable symbol in the rental car world.  I know you've seen the commercials where someone rents a vehicle that ends up being a real disappointment and is asked if they used Hertz.  Their answer is usually along the lines of , "Not exactly."

I have been upset by a recent wave in many churches in our denomination including my own in adopting a methodology and philosophy of "doing church" which when examined with the question, "Is this biblical?" begs for the answer, "Not exactly."

The source seems to be a series of seminars put together by some mega-church pastors who feel they have come up with "getting in on what God's blessing...."  I have listened to the philosophy from our pulpit for over two years now and I have stopped going to our worship services.  To me it is like opening a below sink cabinet  and getting a slight whiff of something unpleasant and knowing something has missed the garbage can.  It may take some time to find it, but until you do, staying in the kitchen means searching until you find the source or eating out.

You may be experiencing angst if you have read the biblical purpose for the local church and know the biblical requirements concerning those who are leaders in the church.  I think we have all been complacent in allowing this type of teaching to seep into our denomination.  Each local church is autonomous and we often think this means we are immune to  heretical teaching.

A flippant use of scriptures by the minister can make the under-involved member believe that what is being said is the gospel.  However, when the passages used in support of a false premise are examined in the light of their original context, the true meaning is revealed.

The method used by ministers who buy in to this "scripture bending", to deflect critics, is to label them "whiners "  and direct them to "find another church" if they are not satisfied with the direction the church is being taken.

It is a philosophy that reeks of "neo-gnosticism".  Only those who have reached a certain level of spiritual awareness by following steps, laid out by those who have arrived, can receive God's vision for the local church.  The pastors are autocratic proclaimers of the "new way" and feel impervious to sanctions by those who differ from their slanted interpretations of the scripture.  I have obviously missed the boat because I abhor the approach and feel it is built on mis-use of scripture.

I am attaching a link in which the Christian talk show host does a good job of analyzing the philosophy in light of what is said in scripture.  The presentation takes about two hours to complete, so I would suggest that once you have the link up, you book mark it and then you can listen to it in segments if you don't have time to hear it in one sitting.

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