Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's In Your Pulpit?

It looks like a sheep.  It feels like a sheep.  It smells like a sheep.  Therefore it must be a sheep, right?  For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis you may find this a deviation from where I normally go with my pontification, but it really is an extension of my attempts to enlighten you in a number of areas.  The move toward globalism is all around us.  We are being herded like sheep toward acceptance of the idea that an all caring world government is necessary for us to survive.  We are presented with "Crisis Situations" (most of which have been manufactured to cause panic) and then we are told that we must band together with all people under singular leadership to bring the situation under control and save us from certain destruction.

Many of us in the United States of America, who still have the ability to think critically, reject this bogus premise.  We resist and offer proof to the contrary.  We highlight the shallowness of the arguments in favor of a one world system and we hold firmly to our freedom and the idea of limited government.  How then can the proponents of globalism tear down the resistance?  Well, recently I was awakened to the fact that even our churches have been infiltrated with this insidious philosophy that is firmly rooted in secular humanism.  Because I am Baptist, and our denomination is known for its conservatism and the autonomy of each local church, I wasn't paying attention.  Let's take a look at this article to see what is happening.  After you read the article you can comment using the comment section (anonymous comments are accepted) or you can e-mail me with your comments or questions.  If you use the anonymous comment option, you can still leave me your name or a clue as to your identity if you so desire.

Let this information sink in.  It forms the basis for the less obvious situation related to our denomination that I will cover in upcoming posts.

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