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Not exactly, the commentary I'll reprint today is one I received from my friend David. It was written on October 30, 2009 before the election. David is a student of history and a former detective. Long years of dealing with reality have peeled away the layers of wishful thinking. A career of listening to lies has brought clarity to what people are really saying. Living in Louisiana, he has seen the worst that politics has to offer and survived it. Pay close attention to what he predicted would happen. If it hasn't happened yet, get ready.

"If Obama is elected, I will make the following predictions:

1. The Republic as envisioned by the Founders, already in jeopardy, will be damaged beyond repair. Sounds dramatic, doesn't it? I think not. I believe that it was Ronald Reagan who said, "Freedom once lost cannot be regained." That's not entirely true, but I don't think America is ready for an armed revolution and that's what it would take.

For the past 45 years, the American public has slowly been indoctrinated into accepting principles which do not exist in our Constitution and which are contrary to those which made us the greatest, freest country in the history of the world. We are currently at a tipping point. Four years of Obama and a clinically insane leadership in Congress, with no checks of any kind in place, cannot be undone during the next four years or ever.

For example, I have seen Obama asked twice what kind of federal judges he will appoint. On both occasions he has said he will appoint judges with "empathy" toward various minorities and disadvantaged people. Never has he mentioned justice nor law, only empathy. Never has he mentioned the Constitutionally assigned tasks for federal judges. As a recently surfaced interview he had in 2003 indicates, he believes the Constitution is greatly flawed, but he is not going to correct what he sees as a problem legally via constitutional amendments, but through his empathetic judges.

Another example would be that he has consistently lied during this campaign by saying that he supports the 2nd Amendment, yet he is on record as having voted to ban all handguns, all semiautomatic weapons, all ammunition which can pierce a Kevlar vest (which is all rifle ammo and some pistol ammo), to reinstate the Clinton gun ban and make it permanent (no matter that it was totally ineffective and gun crime is currently lower than it was during the ban), outlaw nationwide all concealed carry by civilians, and require registration of any firearms remaining in civilian hands.

He will come for your guns.

2. The economy will tank within a year and, as during FDR's reign, it won't recover. The deficit will exceed a trillion dollars and continue to rise. Obama's Marxist economic principles have proven complete failures wherever and whenever they have been tried, but he somehow thinks he can make them work. He will not only spread the wealth by taking from the productive members of society and giving to the non productive and less productive, he will spread the misery.

Some of the leading members of his party are advocating nationalizing the oil companies. Others want to institute a windfall profits tax. Since Chavez nationalized the oil companies in Venezuela, productivity is down 40%. Jimmy Carter slapped a windfall profits tax on the oil companies and it resulted in a shutdown of exploration and a virtual shutdown on production. It was during this time that our dependence on foreign oil started increasing to what it is today.

One indication of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. I refer you back to my description of the current congressional leadership above.

3. Taxes will greatly increase for everyone. He is lying when he says that the middle class will get a tax break and only the top 5%, who are currently paying over 40% of all income taxes, will get a tax increase. He could take everything the top 5% owns and not be able to finance just the programs he has thus far revealed which he wants to institute. In fact, as during the Carter administration, the top 1% will end paying a lot less taxes. They will simply shut down their investments, lay off workers at the plants they own, and generally bring the economy to a screeching halt in order to protect their principle. A little bit of that also occurred during the Carter administration when unemployment at the end of his term was more than double what it is today.

I think we need to also remember that Bill Clinton promised the middle class a tax break and then reneged and passed the largest tax increase in history until the Repubs took over Congress and tamed him down a bit.

Surely Obama wouldn't do that, he is a trustworthy guy. Nope, he is not. He lied about only accepting public money for his campaign and he has lied about a number of his positions, one of which I have already pointed out.

Obama's economic plans, the little he has revealed, run counter to the thoughts of any economist, liberal or conservative, that I am aware of...except maybe Paul Krugman. For example, they will all tell you that to raise taxes on anyone when the economy is in a downturn is the worst kind of folly...but the Great One knows better.

4. Education will continue its precipitous drop in quality. Obama comes from the Chicago political machine and Chicago has the 2nd or 3rd worst school system in the nation. That ought to tell us something, along with the fact that the NEA is one of his most fervent supporters and he has to pay them back. Even though the federal government is not authorized in the Constitution to have any influence whatsoever on local school systems nor is it authorized to spend a penny for same, Obama will spend billions to control the local system even more than they now are. Got to indoctrinate those kids, don't you know.

We ought to stop and think a moment when considering the federal government's influence on the schools. The only system controlled and largely paid for by the federal government is that of Washington, D. C. D. C., every year, is 51st in achievement tests. Yet, it has the smallest classroom size and spends the second largest amount of money per capita student of any district in the nation. The mandating of these two things in all districts are what the NEA and Obama tell us will cure our educational ills. It certainly hasn't worked for Washington. I will refer you once again to two of the indicators of insanity.

5. Universal health care will be gradually phased in. Now that's going to cost you a bundle, that is the 60% of you who pay any federal income tax. Doesn't matter that similar systems in every European country and Canada are going broke. Doesn't matter that the country which has had such a thing the longest, Sweden, has had to back off considerably because even the 50% plus tax rates there weren't paying for it anymore. Doesn't matter that the quality of care, except for the very rich, will drop considerably and that pharmaceutical firms will cease producing the wonder drugs they now invent. When was the last time that Sweden or France came up with these incredible, disease curing drugs we take for granted here?

You know, health care is another function not authorized to the federal government in the Constitution. Well, no matter, under Obama and the judges he will appoint and who will be with us for 30 years won't be using the Constitution anyway.

Spread the misery. Yes siree.

6. Amnesty will be granted to illegal aliens and our borders might as well be erased. A country which cannot control its borders is no longer a country which no longer expects to survive. Our culture will change in a manner never to be undone. In fact, we won't have a culture anymore, we will have several and they, as history has proven over and over, will always be at war with each other." David

Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff.
Frank Zappa


  1. Gosh, that's gloomy.

    I am starting to see people wake up and smell the Communism, though. That's hopeful.

    And I only disagree in that there will indeedy be armed resistance, but it will probably be in pockets around the country. 99.9% of the Georgians I speak to are ready for a rumble. [wink] Let the Feds TRY to take our guns. They'll get them back one bullet at a time. What I do see is our Union being fragmented again, like under a previous tyrant, Abraham Lincoln.

    Well, I hope all these predictions are wrong. I try to 'pray without ceasing' for our Nation. I'll continue to have faith that God is still in control. :)

  2. A most accurate forecast but one that is about to have a major update. The 2010 elections will be, I believe, the true sign of what our future holds. If the American people send the majority of the scoundrels in Congress packing, I think we will see a return to sane governance. Without a majority congress, Zero will in effect be a lame duck with little ability to influence the path of legislation. There is hope for a better tomorrow.

  3. He hit the nail on the head.
    MS Cuz

  4. Hey, Tex -- This if off-topic, but any notion as to why I'm not showing up on your list of readers who follow this blog? I've checked my settings, and everything should be working.

    But if you're ashamed to be seen with me-- (laugh)

  5. Not you Keanan. In a fit of ADD driven angst, I deleted my blog. Then a few days later after spending all my time answering e-mails on why I quit, I restarted with the old blog address, but a new blog title. I saved the old blog for my own reference, but the new blog requires that you sign in again as a follower. Sorry for the trouble. Just add your name next time you come by. Pappy

  6. Scary how close he is already.


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