Saturday, December 5, 2009

Positively Giddy

I don't know about you, but I have trouble just looking at our president. When he speaks, I want to bury my head in a stack of large pillows. I have the same general reaction whenever I hear most modern day Democrats, especially those associated with the "inside the beltway crowd." Now to be fair I must admit a similar reaction to all network television programming to include news, entertainment, and many of the ads. I know this is going to surprise you, but I can only do Fox News in short spurts. I learned some of these defensive tactics when I learned to box. Get inside, throw a few punches, and then get out before your opponent can pummel you into a zombie.

What is it? I believe I have a very low tolerance for phoniness. Life, as it is portrayed on TV, is so phony to me. Democrats, to include the president, have no problem with just denying any role in the current larger than we can afford government. They ignore their own current programs (extensions of already cumbersome failures they engineered) that have in a very short time driven us further into fiscal disaster. I have never covered up my displeasure with the role of some Republicans in the decline, but I abhor those who will not own up to the greater culpability.

The president speaking in Pennsylvania yesterday was as giddy as a cheerleader on game day following a report that unemployment was down by .2 %. Temporary holiday jobs probably account for most of the drop. However, most of the time the figures on anything coming out of Washington, D.C. have been so manipulated it is impossible to tell what, if any, significance they have. Jobs saved, people not being counted because they are no longer on the dole, hyped figures with no basis in reality are all blended with the real numbers, which in reality are probably around 17%. My numbers are as valid as theirs. I am also glad that he claimed such great credit for a miraculous turn around in the economy, because I believe the artificial bubble created by such bogus programs as T. A. R. P. will burst soon. Banks are paying back their "loans" because they don't like the strings attached (not because they are making that much money).

The current president of the United States of America is incompetent. His measured delivery, broadcaster's tonal quality, and teleprompted redundancies cannot overcome the underlying nothingness that oozes over the airways when he speaks. The instant he goes off script, the bumbling reality of ineptness locks up his tongue, he ceases to be redundant, and he becomes incoherent.

During the explanation of his long thought out war strategy I almost became physically ill. His overuse of the pronoun "I" was like fingernails dragging down a dusty chalkboard. I considered the length of time he has left our troops struggling in maintenance mode while playing commander in chief and it made me mad. What background does he have that even qualifies him to hold the position of president? Further, what background do any of the members of the "War council" have, other than the generals, to formulate a war strategy? I can tell you - none. The same thing happened when we were in Vietnam. Career politicians took over the war effort and paid for their ineptness with the blood of United States soldiers. We will never change the stone age mentality of the Muslim enemies who occupy these bleak regions of our globe. They will remain our enemies until no life remains here. Rebuilding and training will only result in saving large numbers of new terrorists. We should maximize the intelligence gathering efforts in the most hostile areas and inflict maximum damage with long range weapons. When we have finished with our mission we should pull out without rebuilding one thing and promise to return with a vengeance if any further attempts are made on the United States of America.

Current visas and resident alien cards should be immediately cancelled and those persons from Muslim countries should be deported. No further immigration should be allowed from these areas. Any Muslims currently in this country should be placed under close surveillance and their financial transactions monitored. At the first sign of collaboration with our middle eastern enemies those responsible should be prosecuted. We cannot co-exist with Islam. It is not, and never has been a religion interested in anything but total control and world domination. To ignore these truths is to invite further trouble.

If we don't clean out the nest of vipers comfortably ensconced in Washington, D.C. soon, we will be doomed to lives of dependent mediocrity.

Q: If Pelosi and Obama were in a boat and it started to sink, who would be saved?
A: America !!


  1. Boy, if you'd been a fly on our wall, you would have heard a lot of AMEN BROTHER's to this post. :)

    The one that got the loudest Amen's was your "Rebuilding and training will only result in saving large numbers of new terrorists." I have been saying that all along! This nation building is only going to reap grieve for the whole world. Poisonious plants must be destroyed clear down to the roots or they will keep sprouting up again, and again, and again. Unfortunately, MR. Obuma is a Muslim sympathizer and DOES NOT have our best interests at heart.

    2012 will not arrive soon enough!

  2. When this nation was set up it ran under God's laws, people showed reverence and gratitude to our Father and we were Blessed as no nation on earth. The parallel to Deuteronomy 28:1-14 is no coincident. Sometime around 1950 things started to change, we were to prosperous had to much and as a nation started to leave God out of the picture. Now, with God being pushed out of our courts, our schools, shunned by our media, mocked and scorned by our government, we are beginning to resemble Deut. 28: 15-46. If we (as a nation)continue to be a stiffnecked people we can look forward to the cursings in that chapter.

    Peoples ears are packed so full of the MSM excrement that they can't or won't hear the truth. Rather than man up and admit that their own actions are the problem, they would rather point the finger at some other person and play the blame game.

    There is no man who can fix our problem, only men realizing who our source of prosperity is and paying due diligence can turn the tide.

    I suppose the silver lining is that as individuals we can escape the cursings and enjoys God's blessings by heeding His word and doing His will.

  3. The founding fathers of our nation must be turning in their graves to see what we have allowed our once great republic to become. It is never to late to turn back to God in repentence.

  4. I had to giggle, my husband does the same thing. I just change the channel. LOL

    Happy Holidays Pappy!

  5. «Louis» doesn't understand why so many think NØbama is a gifted speaker. Like you, when NØbama speaks, «Louis» wants to bury his head in a stack of pillows. NØbama drips with arrogance and narcism. NØbama and all of the Watermelon Marxists (green on the outside, red on the inside) in his mis-administration and in the Congress grate on «Louis» as much as they do on you. At least you don't have Barbara Lee as your Congresscritter....


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