Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Nativity Play

And the nomination for best dramatic portrayal....
And the nomination for best musical rendition....
When considering the prize for the cutest portrayer of Mary in this year's Christmas pageants, I would bet that not one could beat my granddaughter Ava.

I knew she would probably win when she walked out on stage because the entire audience gave a loud collective "Awhhhhhhhhh...."

Of course she has been to the Pappy School of Drama.


  1. How CUUUTE!!
    You should be so proud.

  2. Gosh, she's adorable! I'd vote for her as cutest for sure. :)

  3. The top picture pose she probably got by watching Pappy blog or react to the latest nonsense from Washington. A flair for the dramatics for sure, imagine that in our family.

  4. Her beauty is a family trait!!!!
    MS Cuz

  5. What a cutie. Looks like she was getting into the role.



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