Monday, December 28, 2009

Janet Napolitano

Janet Ann Napolitano (born November 29, 1957) is the third United States Secretary of Homeland Security. She assumed the job on January 21, 2009, and is the first woman to serve in that office. An American politician from the Democratic Party, Napolitano was serving as governor of the state of Arizona when designated by then-President-elect Barack Obama to be his Secretary of Homeland Security. She was confirmed by the Senate and sworn in one day after Obama's inauguration. She was chair of two state Governors' associations and was named by Time as one of the top five governors in 2005. Prior to the governorship, she served as Arizona Attorney General from 1999 to 2002. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I don't know about you, but if I were a terrorist, I would be shaking in my boots. I was enjoying myself during the holidays knowing that the legislative branch was on vacation and the president and his family were out of the lower forty eight, when another Islamic terrorist decides to set his pants on fire while riding on a commercial airliner. I think sentence two (see above) describes part of the problem we have in this country. "An American politician from the Democratic Party...." and a lawyer to boot. Just looking at her I get that same warm fuzzy feeling I had when Janet Reno was in charge of calling the shots at Waco.

This guy was allegedly on a watch list, but not on the no fly list. If I was in charge (never going to happen), I would have everyone in this country and everyone approaching this country who was Muslim and had a name that is recognizable as such on a watch list, and a no fly list. After the mule is out of the stall, we put more air marshals on the planes and check all the Anglo-American males very carefully so as not to offend anyone else who might complain to the ACLU. I challenge you to look at Janet Napolitano's bio and tell me what experience she has that might qualify her to make critical law enforcement decisions. Oh, how silly of me. I forgot, her boss doesn't have any experience either. At least she is confirmed as an "American politician from the Democratic Party...."

What is the matter with us? Don't we have a single Senator with the guts to ask some serious questions? I watched Max Baucus, Democrat Senator from Montana, drunk on the Senate floor debating a Republican Senator from Mississippi on health care reform. Why didn't someone call the police and have him arrested for public Intoxication? Any other government employee showing up for work toasted would be facing an investigation and possible firing. I think they are all drunk with power and so intent on keeping it they won't challenge each other for fear of political reprisals.

I intend to make sure I vote for the best "new" candidates I can find in the 2010 election. The bills they are considering are illegal and unconstitutional but not one politician from either party has challenged on this basis. Only 8% of the political appointees in the Obama Administration have any "real life" work experience (and that includes this president).

The following are my list of things that shouldn't be considered as qualifiers for anything when applying for any job:

A. Sex
B. Sexual Orientation
C. Ethnicity
D. Color of skin

These also should't be considered when assigning "special rights" to any group. In fact, "special rights" are not constitutional.

Here are some factors to be considered:

A. Moral character
B. Experience in the job for which you are applying
C. Education (Ivy league should be given no special preference.)
D. High work ethic
E. Maturity

I believe these would be more beneficial to the country's revival.

Remember, it was this allegedly highly qualified ex-governor who labeled disgruntled American soldiers returning from battle as potential terrorists threats. I imagine she further qualified that in her apologies to Vets as intended only for those with ties to the conservatives in our heartland.

I think a letter of resignation would be in order Janet before we have anymore incidents on your watch. Get someone other than a lawyer to handle the leadership of all our law enforcement activities at the federal level. Preferably someone with years of "street experience" in handling law enforcement actions.

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I agree. Just make me Queen of this dump, and I'll clean House. [wink] Scouts Honor. :)

  2. We've listened to the new recommendation for all airline passengers...keeping hands in view for the last hour of flight...with a great deal of amusement today. What a bunch of bozos we have in government today. Oops,there I go name-calling again. Let me rephrase...such a lot of incompetents in government today.

  3. Vee, you weren't 'name calling' when you wrote 'bozos.' You were stating facts. Problem is these bozos aren't funny....

    We need to mount an intense campaign to dislodge Napolitano. Likewise, we need to turn up the heat on the Senate and House to vote 'no' on NĂ˜bamacare. Where's the RNC? Why isn't the RNC buying air time to arouse the public to put the heat on Congress to defeat this Democrat power grab?

    If we don't speak up, as «Louis's» Texas grandad used to say when asked about what to do in case of a tornado, we're going to find ourselves sticking our head between our legs and kissing our @$$ goodbye.

  4. I wish you were in charge. The bozos that are running things in Washington are doing an excellent job of "doing us all in".

  5. I will never forget the look on George Bush senior's face during his presidential debate with Bill Clinton. While Bill Clinton sneered at the then President Bush, our president pleaded with the American people to look at Mr. Clinton's character. We, the people, decided it didn't matter and apparently we still don't care. One day we will, but by then it will be too late. Maybe it already is.


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