Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Damn the Torpedos

Dumb and Dumber plunge headlong into Copenhagen. Despite mounting evidence that the "Junk Science" of global warming is just that, these two mental giants once again plunder the funds of the taxpayers to fund a worthless trip abroad.

Recent revelations obtained through freedom of information requests in the U. K. show just how bogus the science of global warming is. Can you think of two people who are less equipped both mentally and scientifically to carry the standard to Denmark? Have you ever watched Al Gore try and answer real scientific questions posed by people who are qualified and already know the correct answers? He reminds me of president Obama without a teleprompter trying to explain how any program run by the government is not going to cost us anything.

Who are the people who support this movement? They are the fear mongers of the new "Progressive" political movement (formerly known as leftist liberal socialist communist Marxist whacko nut jobs). I guess their former title was too long for the main stream media to print. They want all people (that's global) to be in such fear of alleged pending catastrophes that they will pay any amount of money to have the benevolent daddy government take care of them. Who gets this money? That's easy, those who collect it. They give each other big awards to bolster their credibility, then they cash in on the profits. Follow the money folks. The U. N. is the big clearing house and only those in charge will benefit. Their war chests will grow exponentially if we allow such things as government health care, and climate control to pass into law.

A friend of mine wrote me and reminded me of his work in the sixties. He is an engineer, and much of his time was spent on developing ways to clean up the sooty smoke of industry. The fear then was that all the sooty smoke would block the sun and result in global cooling. He and others were very successful in their task and now clean white smoke belches from smoke stacks around the U. S. He does add an apology line noting that an unintended consequence of the program was that the clean white smoke is mostly CO2. If you didn't know, that's what all this cap and trade garbage legislation is about. We will be fined for producing CO2. That's what you exhale with every breath. More junk science.

Now the head of the U. N.'s scientific panel tells us just to ignore the e-mails that were uncovered exposing the cover-ups and outright fraud from those giving us our data on global warming. They were just boys being boys. They were joking. All the data is just as our spokesman Al Gore, aka Big (Carbon) Foot, gave us in his highly scientific movie. I've warned you before about these progressives, when cornered they lie, deny, and make counter allegations.

I just found some new books that might be of interest to you. They are very short and easily read while having a cup of coffee.

by Al Gore & John Kerry

Complete Knowledge of Military Strategy!
By Nancy Pelosi


  1. Pappy,

    There are days that I can't read another word about this horrible state of affairs, but I still come by for the comic relief of your side bar cartoons.

    Have a good week!

  2. Very good! And I've been reading about the legislation that the EPA wants to enforce. They're a bigger threat than Cap and Trade (which I hear is essentially dead in the water). I think we should start pushing to have the EPA defunded. They're evil too.

    Thanks for putting the word out about the truth Pappy. :)

  3. «Louis» is happy to see what you added to the sidebar!

  4. I find all of this impossible to keep up with. I do find it "interesting" that my husband's cousin has a 23 year old daughter who recently arrived in Copenhagen for the conference, (http://www.trurodaily.com/index.cfm?sid=303165&sc=68) but even that can't suck me into the debate.

  5. Hi Martha. I really don't believe there is anything to debate about. We have only been keeping data on the climate for about 150 years, and only recently has the technology been available to make good measurements. Even so taking an overall measurement leaves a lot to interpretation. Now we learn that much of the base line data may have been destroyed, and there may have been fudging to support a particular premise. But, let's say for the sake of argument that there is some warming in certain areas of the globe. Is it warmer let's say than it was in the middle ages? There is some indication that it may not be. So, what we are looking at is climatic cycles. The population and industrialization in the middle ages was no where near what it is today. So, did man really have anything to do with the warming then? The point is we can't point the finger at anything man is doing now and say that it is affecting the climate. Some would like us to believe we can so that the wealthy nations of the world will send great sums of cash to undeveloped countries through the U. N. or the World Bank. This is the globalist/communist intent. We know from recent past experience in the food for oil program that the U.N. cannot be trusted to handle the money. I am very dubious of the World Bank also. The only people who will benefit are those who are in charge. They have proven they have no conscience about lying and stealing large portions of the appropriated funds. So, the whole question and the various scientific assertions are not provable. I say we should just learn to live with the natural cycles as they occur and keep government out of God's business. Pappy

  6. Yes, I do agree with you.

    My son has mentioned that temperatures in Siberia are no longer being recorded. Don't know if that's true or not, but I do suppose it would have some affect on the averages.

    Climate conferences still don't grab my attention. When it's warm and sunny I hang my laundry outside and when it's cold and snowy I prefer to use my dryer and stay inside the house. (You might think we northern folks would be happy to see things warm up a tad.)


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