Friday, January 22, 2010

Using Your Talent

I was sitting around this morning just admiring my latest body job, and I thought how nice it is to have enough talent to do jobs yourself. Who wants to hire professionals when, with a few basic tools, you can do the job and save tons of money? Bebe will have to get in and out on the driver's side, but I don't think she'll mind when she finds out how little it cost.

Wish our government could be as frugal. It amazes me when politicians claiming to be Republican can only maintain their position on conservative issues and values for minutes after a victory. We have Kay Bailey Hutchison coming back to Texas after 17 or so years in Washington, D.C. and talking bad about the job our current governor Rick Perry has done. In addition she is calling for term limits. Where were you Kay for the last seventeen years? Your most recent vote with the turncoats in the Senate concerning the Health Care Bill shows where you stand/don't stand. We don't need you in Texas. Rick is doing just fine without you. Just retire and move to San Francisco or Las Vegas.

And what's with the new strong talking RINO (Republican in name only) McCain? He's strong until presented with the opportunity to reach across the isle and give away his conservative leanings in order to be seen as bi-partisan. Bi-partisan to a Democrat means you either vote like me or I'll have some Union thug bust your knee caps. What bi-partisan should mean is, right thinking statesmen fighting for what they think is right and making sure no underhanded pork barrel dealings come into the mix. Then they should get together and make sure they are allowed by the U. S. Constitution to do what they are doing. After that they should have a legal and decent bill. Everyone is now touting the Massachusetts comprehensive Health Care Model, but very little is known about it because it hasn't been in existence long enough to evaluate properly. Health Care is outside the scope of what the Federal Government is allowed to do, and therefore falls to the various States to act on or not as they see fit. If your State wants to march down the socialist isle, let the voters decide. Not all States are obligated to follow suit. If you are a Republican and desire to stay in office, you should be fighting the battle to return to the U. S. Constitution and not proposing your own form of illegal legislation. I heard Sarah Palin touting McCain and his insipidity in an interview the other day. I say forget Palin. We need people willing to stand for what they say in spite of any criticism they might receive. Those of us who are tired of the current way of doing things in Washington could use the powerful infrastructure of the Republican political machine. However, we have the message and the Republican Party is dead if they don't get on board with us.

King Obama is naked just as I said before he was elected. The imaginary robe that Gibbs, Axelrod and others are trying to get us to believe he has on, just isn't there. He is, I believe, the most unqualified president in recent history. Not only in the sense of preparedness, but also in a legal sense. I say if any money still exists from TARP, or any of the other failed bailouts, it should be immediately applied to debt reduction. The Democrats can blame the Republicans for eight years of continued government spending and growth under the Bush administration, and they would be right. However, they controlled the legislature where these illegal pork ladened bills were spawned, and they had the leaders in control of the failing socialist give away programs of Democrats from years past. So, although the Republicans caved on their principals of fiscal and social conservatism, they maintained our integrity through a strong defense and foreign policy. Our enemies were afraid to act, and we were returning our intelligence gathering efforts to an acceptable level once again. Now, all that is gone. THE REAL BLAME FOR OUR CURRENT SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS CAN BE LAID SQUARELY AT THE DOOR STEP OF SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS SINCE WOODROW WILSON. We have been sold to our enemies for a bowl of porridge. We must immediately expose and get rid of all those interlopers who are trying to bring about our slavery to a globalist/socialist society and get rid of the weaklings who won't represent our interests properly.

The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.
Harry Golden


  1. Well stated Dennis. You have struck the nail squarely.

  2. I personally use duck tape to fix almost everything. judi

  3. Washington D.C. could use a big role of "Man Tape". Good to see you both.

  4. Pappy, you would make a good Senate candidate. I have no doubt that you wouldn't cave in to the political game playing.

  5. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! All this financial mess can be laid right at the feet of every single Socialist / Progressive law the late 1800's. Comrade Zero is deliberately trashing the banks and Wall Street for WHAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS DONE!! It's their law, their screwing up, their butting in that's caused all this! He is crashing the economy so they may delare Martial Law. I just know it. This is his 'crisis' that he is creating. He is such an evil, wicked man.

    And I say ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE! They are a part of the real problem.

  6. «Louis» read that the Bush family and McVAIN are backing RINO Hutchison over Perry!

    What is the matter with these people?

    After McVAIN cr***ed on Palin, why is she cooperating with McVAIN on certain issues? What is the matter with her? Sheesh!

    «Louis» n'est pas une vache heureuse!

    These are examples of why «Louis», after having been a Republican for virtually all his life, going back to Lyndon Johnson's Texas, changed his voter registration from Republican to Independent in 2005. «Louis» will go all-out for CONSERVATIVE candidates.

    «Louis's» Republican roots go deep: it was one of his ancestors that gave the Republicans the name Grand Old Party.

    But «Louis's» has had it with the Republicans as a party. The RNC backed Specter over Toomey - and look what we got.

    Days before the Massachusetts election, RNC Chairman Michael Steele was on national media saying that the GOP couldn't take back the Congress. Michael Steele is on the book tour circuit, using the RNC as a platform to promote his own book for his own gain. Hey, Michael! Isn't this something a Democrat would do?! Hello?!

    «Louis» doesn't think very highly of the late theologian/sociologist Reinhold Niebuhr because of Niebuhr's flirtations with Marxism and because he became the 'father' of "liberation theology". But one thing Neibuhr got right was (paraphrased) "When the 'outs' become the 'ins', they become as corrupt as the 'ins' the 'outs' replaced. "

    That's exactly what happened to the Republicans. In 2006, the voters decided if the Republicans were going to act like Democrats, they might as well have the real thing.

    It's obvious that the GOP hasn't learned a thing. So for «Louis», no more party affiliation, but all-out support for Conservatives and the Tea Party movement.

  7. You're kidding me...Palin is supporting McCain and President Bush is supporting Kay Bailey Hutchinson? What next? I don't think that Palin owes a bloomin' thing to McCain after the way he dissed her.


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