Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time to pull the plug.

What is it about, "The Stimulus is not working Mr. President", he doesn't understand? The political cartoonists are getting the big picture, but our legislature, judges, and president don't seem to comprehend. The bailouts and the subsequent stimulus package were cover-ups for politically and socially correct failed government programs designed allegedly to benefit the less fortunate. Did the less fortunate benefit? No! When the bill is due it still has to be paid. Well then who benefited? The politicians who bought votes from those who still think you can get something for nothing. They gained in power and they made the uninformed voting base more dependent on government to fix all of their problems. The government was never intended to help people raise their social and economic status by giving them taxpayer funds and borrowed dollars. The government was designed to create a safe haven for people to seek their own advantage by hard work and responsible behavior. It was also tasked with keeping the operation of commerce between the various states flowing smoothly, and creating a uniform currency to do the job. It was allowed the privilege of taxing the entire population to maintain the funds necessary to do the job. That's it folks.
The "commerce clause" of the United States Constitution has been stretched beyond recognition by the socialists and globalists who would continue to push their power keeping agenda until this great ship of state sinks beneath the briny waters. What happened to taking care of your own business? The idea that all people are created equal socially, economically, physically, and mentally is a myth sold to the undereducated masses in our country by these same self-serving politicians. Those of us who have worked hard for what we have, know it just isn't true. The great collector of wisdom, Solomon, also laid it out for us in the Bible. According to the statement in our Declaration of Independence, (and I paraphrase) we are created equal (as far as the law is concerned) and free to pursue our fortunes and enjoy the happiness available in these efforts. It further states these rights are endowed by our Creator and not the Federal Government. Do you know anyone who is more physically gifted than you? How about smarter than you? These questions could continue for several more pages. The fact is we are all different and we must live with the cards we've been dealt. However, we are all free to make advances to a better life by playing our hand smartly. Think about it. If everyone is given the same set of winning cards by the government, then no one wins because there is no game.
The corruption in our system has become so rife we can't even have conversations anymore without apologizing to every socio/political grouping to whom the government has granted special privilege over the rest of us. Our government is currently running rough shod over the U. S. Constitution and the established rules of order and procedure, and very few of those elected seem to have the courage to band together and yell, "STOP!" Look at this abysmal conglomeration of proposed legislation concocted by social architects in direct violation of the constraints of our Constitution. It is being brewed up in secret covens by the leaders of special interests, to benefit those who profit from the collective dependence of the masses. IT IS ILLEGAL, but the politicized courts do nothing. A goodly number of our judges are political hacks who are part of the "paid off to put out" whoredom in charge of saying what the people who paid them off can do. Many of these judges are there on a lifetime appointment. Vote buying is the order of the day, and when the votes can't be bought, Union thugs are used to discourage voting by the opposition. Statements made as fact by politicians are cast about with no verification because the media are zombies. Those reporters who dare print and broadcast the truth are vilified and persecuted by the various tentacles of the all powerful government run amok.

It is time for the heartland to be energized like never before. These interlopers who have taken over our government are not in the majority. They have a large number of supporters in the less than fully educated, and educated beyond the point of sound reason camps, but not a majority. Those who have been silently discouraged need to sound off and vote. We must vote as a block and not weaken our effectiveness by becoming single issue off shoots. Showing up and sounding off in large numbers is a good thing. It discourages the hired thugs who attack the weak and defenseless. We can take this country back by thoroughly cleaning out the putrid infection in Washington, D.C., but we must act soon. All of our actions must be accompanied by prayer. We need divine help for an undertaking of this magnitude.

Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.
Andre Gide


  1. Wonderful post Dennis. Like the old story of the frog in a pot of cold water, then slowly brought to a boil, Americans have been apathetic. We have thrown up our hands and said "what can I do?". Now we know. The great victory that was accomplished in Massachusetts is only the beginning.

  2. «Louis» just read that "Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe (R, Slidell) is introducing a bill for the 2010 legislative session in Baton Rouge that would make Obamacare illegal if it violates state laws, effectively making Obamacare null and void in the Pelican State."

    Glimmer of (ahem) hope...

    Here's the link.

  3. [screaming towards Washington DC] "Can you hear us NOW!!!"

    Thanks for keeping their feet to the fire and our minds focused on the fight Pappy! We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there ... well, you know the rest. Good post! :)

  4. Great rant. I say now that Brown has won and we have a win in the good guys column, it's time to get down to business; the GOP and RNC need to get busy. We want to vote for true conservatives. Don't bring the weak stuff. DeeDee Scozzafava was a designer knock-off with a designer price tag. We won't finance the RNC when we are provided with such fakes to support and vote for. We want the real thing. The GOP needs to sart some CONSTITUTIONAL LITERACY classes. All Republican candidates, present or future need to complete these classes and become certified if they want to use the funds supplied by donations. Candidates need to be tested on Constitutional issues and certified. This is something Tea Party people like me would appreciate. Let's forward this idea to Micheal Steele!

  5. Thanks all. Just trying to keep the Constitutional fire lit in the minds of those who read this blog. Our system has, through its lawyers, made the "Commerce Clause" the catch-all for inclusive legislation outside the originally permitted categories for a limited Federal government. It is a blob like parasite feeding on the freedoms of our people to maintain its size and power. The more areas controlled by a huge federal government, the more nexus it can draw using the "Commerce clause". We must rid ourselves of this liberty sucking menace and return to the original limits of our U. S. Constitution.


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