Saturday, January 2, 2010

Don't Mess with Retired Folks.

I ate my fiber yesterday and thought about taking a walk, but most of the day was spent wondering if cutting up my AARP cards was enough. This leftist sub-wing of the Democrat Party had just sent me a second notice to inform me my membership with their organization would soon expire, and I had failed to respond to their first reminder. The first reminder was thrown directly into the trash after I cut my name off all the enclosed correspondence. I knew they were of the pablum no stance at all were from California and accept every form of deviance middle of the fence camp, but I thought I might gain some financial advantage by carrying their card. I never imagined they would sell us down the river on the illegal and unconstitutional government health care reform legislation. They have a huge base, and with our money they can now do what other self serving political entities do and use it to make more money. They forgot one thing, unlike giving our money to the government, we can actually choose whether to give the AARP money. I am taking the money I spent on an AARP membership and renewing my membership with the NRA. Can you even imagine an organization allegedly formed to help seniors throwing their lobbying efforts behind legislation that is designed to relegate us to the trash heap? Well, here is the letter I sent along with the small pieces of my old AARP card and the new ones that lacked only my hard earned money to be activated:

To: Mr. Addison Barry Rand,

Chief Executive Officer


P.O. Box 93022

Long Beach, CA 90809

Dear Mr. Rand,

Please find enclosed my AARP cards. Had I known in the beginning you were nothing more than a money raising arm of the Democrat Party, I would not have joined. I was under the impression you were an organization dedicated to the concerns of aging and retired Americans. Your recent political statements especially concerning government run health care have opened my eyes to your true intent.

Anarchists Against Retired People would better fit your well recognized acronym. The socialist Health Care Reform bills offered by both parties are illegal and unconstitutional and yet you lobby in favor of the Democrat version. Not only that, they have provisions that shove the aging population under the rug. How could an organization claiming to be for Seniors possibly take a stance for a bill that cuts benefits, raises insurance premiums, raises taxes, increases the already over bloated size of the federal government, demeans doctors, greatly increases the federal deficit, punishes our children and grandchildren, and puts heath care concerns in the hands of bureaucrats that have run every program they’ve headed into bankruptcy?

You have made your bed, and now you must sleep in it. I will no longer carry the card that gave me those huge $5.00 off deals at motels and hotels. I will no longer send you my hard earned money to support your leftist agenda. I will post this letter on every forum and site I am associated with in an effort to educate and convince other seniors who might be members to disassociate themselves with your organization.


Dennis E. Price


If you are a member, I won't tell you what to do. Just know that I feel much better now that it is done.

If God had really intended men to fly, he'd make it easier to get to the airport.
George Winters


  1. Nothing like voting with your feet to get a message across.

  2. AARP...ugh. To make matters worse, currently, they are offering the best prices on prescription drugs for seniors in our state so most seniors, naturally, take them up on it.

    I hope that they get many more letters like yours and, most importantly, that they read them.

  3. Thank you for taking this stand! I am 'forever' explaining to others about the AARP. I've had AmericanSeniors.Org recommended to replace AARP. We are thinking of joining to received discounts and such. American Seniors is conservative or neutral (either one pleases me) and not left-wing.

  4. Bravo Pappy, Bravo.
    Can you imagine if EVERYONE that didn't renew their AARP for the same reason(s) took the time to do what you did.
    Wish they would -the meassage would be even louder and more clear.

  5. Hubby and I cut ours up a long time ago! But I hadn't thought about the NRA thing. HMMMMM a good thing to consider!

    God Bless you in 2010! Look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

  6. «Louis» put their e-mail entreaties in the junk mail folder and bounces them unopened. Their snail-mail pleas for «Louis» to join are ripped up and mailed back to them in their postage-paid envelopes so they have to pay the postage on «Louis'» rejection of them.

  7. Okay I won't!!! :~

    Happy New Year Pappy!!!

  8. Years ago I figured out they were selling our information. It was obvious due to a spelling mistake that firms that targeted old people to take advantage of them were also "sent" by AARP.

  9. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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