Monday, January 11, 2010

Sometimes I want to scream.

Don't politicians and bureaucrats just make you want to scream. They are undoubtedly the largest group of overindulged kids on the face of the planet. Each takes a position of moral superiority when they feel there may be a political advantage to be gained. I have been so sickened by the totality of their small minded antics of late, I've had trouble focusing my ranting efforts on just one subject.

Who created the racial problems we have in this country today? Who is perpetuating them? I would offer that politicians have been behind the problem all along. Their meddling in the difficult problems of our nation have always resulted in more problems than they solve. Free people left to work out their own problems usually do so in a much more equitable fashion. Had racial matters been left to work themselves out in the natural order of things they would have. I contend we would have been much closer to a peaceful and equitable solution than we are now. Those who work hard and contribute rarely find it necessary to categorize anyone based on their racial or ethnic origins. Isn't it the government that continues to make us check a specific box on every form we are required to fill out? Isn't it the government (Inside the Beltway) that legislates unfair advantages for groups based on these categories? Yes, and Yes in case you were having trouble answering those questions.

The truth is, neither the words of Trent Lott, or Harry Reid were worth a second thought or further discussion. I didn't hear anything in either statement that in anyway demeaned anyone. It was those bent on gaining political advantage in every situation that raised the cry and called for an apology. All politicians have much to apologize to the American people for, but the the statements being compared in this recent non-incident are not on the list. I detest the politics of Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama, but not for who they are genetically. I believe most thinking Americans are of the same mind.

I would love to hear someone announced for office without having a class qualifier attached to their name. I would prefer to hear their outstanding qualifications to hold office. Character, intelligence, and enthusiasm are much more important.

Politicians are rarely the same people behind closed doors that they are with the public. Most ordinary people wouldn't like them if they really knew them. I would like for them to stop the illegal legislative efforts that will ruin our economy and our country. If politicians would concentrate on what the U. S. Constitution said, we would all be better off. We have much greater matters to consider than what one worthless politician said about another. Small men with a lot of power are always a danger. Let's do what we can in the upcoming election to change the faces of our representatives.

We rarely think people have good sense unless they agree with us.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld


  1. I agree. Much ado about nothing. However, putting up smoke screens to take the attention of something real has always beeen the way of polititions and it is not going to change now. Especially when there is so much to hide.

  2. Amen, Pappy!

    To keep the faces changing - entrenchment is a big part of the problem in Washington - we really need to amend the Constitution to limit the terms in the House and Senate. They get entrenched, think they've become indispensable, get addicted to the perks of office and forget who they are there for.

    Broom 'em! Broom 'em ALL! Both sides of the aisle!
    We need a complete house cleaning!


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