Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. Goodwrench

He's out to solve all our problems. Prior to taking office he was coached for six months by a host of other would be mechanics about the process for "Fixin' Gov'ment". "You just go in there and get your hands dirty, we'll be right there to bail you out." It seems bailing people out is the order of the day. Print some more money so we can bail out this or that entity. You can bail out a boat to keep it from sinking, but unless you fix the hole in the hull, it will just fill right back up with water. Obama's not good at fixing holes in the hull. In fact he keeps punching bigger and bigger holes in the hull of our great Ship of State. He and his pinheaded appointees, like attorney general Eric Holder, are really good at tearing things down. We really need someone in the office who has a grasp of how to fix things. I've heard many who try and advise him, but apparently he isn't in a listening mood right now. He says he is afraid his message has been lost because he has been so busy with the "Crisis of the Minute" program that he hasn't had time to speak to the people enough. I was of the opinion Obama's teleprompted appearances before the American public were in the "over the top" range. His main problem is not knowing a Golden Delicious from a Horse Apple.

I for one opt to have him leave me alone. He's talking about adding give aways to the middle class to solve their current economic plight. We didn't work hard all those years to get to the middle class just to have you wreck our lives for us. I say gather up all the money you have earmarked for illegal give aways in all sectors (and that includes Nebraska and Louisiana) and immediately apply it to the national debt. Let those who are failing, fail. Others will take their place, or they will trim the fat and get back in the game.

Get our financial affairs back in the black before sending one penny outside the United States. We have soldiers fighting in the middle east, support them fully until the job is finished and the war is won. Don't enact anymore legislation designed to alter the social conditions in this country, or the climate conditions of the world. We can't alter the climate conditions at all, they are out of the purview of human intervention. The social conditions are not in the permitted legislative allowances of the U. S. Constitution. These are reserved for the states. Let each state stand on its own. Do not involve the Federal Government in any form of labor relations. If a workforce wants to have a union, then those who want to join should be allowed to do so. However, if anyone wants to work without participating in the union they should have the freedom to do so without being harassed. The Organized Crime leadership in current labor unions should be cleaned out, and paid union thugs should be rounded up and prosecuted. These people have no legitimate role in the elective process and should be banned from any further participation.

If I knew for a minute Obama would announce his retirement from office in the speech tonight, I would watch. I'm going to be busy preparing a list of RHINOS (Republicans in name only) like McCain, Snowe, Hutchinson, etc. and adding them to the list of Rubber Stamp Democrats, like those from my district here in Texas, who I'll pay money to get run out of office. I'll take my governmental mechanic work to some proven independent shop where I know taking pride in a job done right is the motivating principle. Mr. Obama, your job is done here. It's time to click the heels of your red slippers together and head back to where every you came from.

I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life.
George Burns


  1. Don't forget Collins on your list...

    Yup, I'd say that he's tossed a monkey wrench into all that we hold sacred. Not watching tonight either.

  2. I like to use my favorite analogy to describe this pathetic group lead by the joker himself. They are rearranging
    the deck chairs on the Titanic and ignoring the iceberg dead ahead. Trouble is, there are not enough life boats for those that can see the danger confronting us.

  3. Comrade Zero IS a monkey wrench. He's an idjit. 'Nuff said. ;]

  4. My list was too long to print Vee. Yes Carey, I'm working on my blubber coat in case I need to do without food for an extended period. I did get your comment Paul and I agree it would be more entertaining. I like Igmo Sparky. That's a cross between an Idjit and a moron.


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