Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Minutes was Enough

I just can't watch the guy. My fraud meter rings so loudly as soon as I see him, I can't stick around for what he says. This morning our news rag headline read, "I won't quit." It reminded me of Richard Nixon's famous line, "I am not a crook." Shortly thereafter, Nixon resigned. I can only hope the same is true for Mr. Obama. We can't afford one more day of this empty suit. If some ranking politico doesn't use all resources available to get Obama's background information released, we need to create such a stir none of them can rest.

The democrats are fighting amongst themselves, but their talking heads are doing the usual diversionary dance to cause us to look at what's in this hand and forget what they have in the other hand. What they have in the other hand is the same old socialist garbage they've always had. They won't change. In the short two minutes toward the end of the speech, I heard all I needed to. I grabbed my temples and screamed for Bebe to change the channel. I have a very short tolerance for lying, denying, and making counter allegations. I also can't stand looking at the stretched and botoxed face of Nancy Pelosi bobbing up and down in the background, or the canned phony smile of Lyin' Joe Biden waiting for his cue to stand and clap. I noticed many in the audience who didn't seem to buy the teleprompted narcisisstic narration of the "Pied Piper of Chicago". Only the usual party line sycophants were doing the Pelosi bounce on her cue. I am hopeful we can eliminate many of the go along to get along rubber stamps in both parties. We need leadership in our nation and Obama doesn't have the ability to deliver.

We need to gather our tax money from all sectors and apply what's left to the National Debt. We also need to freeze hiring and phase out all non-constitutional bureaus and programs. If we could get the government back into its Constitutional bounds, then we could afford massive tax cuts and get the economy re-started. Our skinny little pretender will never be able to get it done. I just don't see the intelligence many of the pundits talk about. I personally think I could make straight A's at Harvard if he made it to President of the Law Review. We need to expose the lie. We've elected a cardboard cutout for President and we're in a major free fall.

"The economy is so bad Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen." Maxine


  1. Very good Pappy! Also, the "spending freeze" (NOT) and the banking tax threat is another of Comrade Zero's shell games. "Look over here, not at my hands" while he silently robs us of more money and freedoms. Gosh, 2012 is slow in getting here.

  2. «Louis» couldn't agree more! He can't stand NĂ˜bama's voice. Every time «Louis» hears that voice, he dives for the volume control - if not the tuning knob; sometimes both!

    All of us have got to hold the Congress accountable. We can't sit back and whine among ourselves. We've got to turn up the heat. On your computer, write out your complaints. Copy them. Go to the Senate website and to <a href=">the House website</a>, pull up the contact pages and paste your complaints in. With practice and free of distractions, you can send an e-blast to the Senate Dems in 45 minutes to an hour.

    «Louis» then modifies the text and reminds the RINOs they need to vote like Republicans.

    Then he modifies it again and sends some "e-spine" to McConnell.

    After Massachusetts, he has been sending Boxer a note that 'she's next'.

    Then «Louis» moves on to the House, starting with Pelosi...

    Speak up, people! It's only our country that's at stake!

  3. Now you said that so well! The ranting going on here last night was not nearly as coherent as your post. He makes our stomachs churn and our spirits sag and our anger escalate so that we just have a feeling of complete discomfort. Guess that's just as it should be when one has a "cardboard cutout" for a president. He's worse than a used car salesman up against the wall ready to say anything to sell the car, but I shouldn't insult used car salesmen.

  4. I sense some hostility in these comments. I appreciate all of you for your ideas and your fervor. Americans should be hostile. Pappy

  5. I can't watch or listen at all. Oh how I wish he was never on my TV again.

    Nancy P is just as bad!!!!!!!!!!!


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