Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Your Special Decoder Ring

Hope yours arrives before the State of the Union address tomorrow night. If there aren't any re-runs of Monk on, I'll be watching.


  1. I think the history of septic tanks is on the Discovery channel at the same time. No wait, that might be coverage of the state of
    union also. One thing for sure, they will both stink.

  2. Perfect!
    Just think! We'll get to wear the ring all the way until January 2013 - unless somehow The NØbamessiah gets broomed from office first...

  3. Two members of the family are watching. I'm listening from afar...Pappy's Place. :D

    Talk about needing this ring...what a bunch of doublespeak. And still he defends his position.

    Off to find someone baking a cake or something...


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