Thursday, September 23, 2010

Talking With The Boys

I was at the tire shop the other day having my tires rotated and everyone seemed to be talking politics.  I said I wondered how so many people could believe so many lies from so many politicians when the truth was right before their eyes.  Edith Sitwell came by and she said, "The public will believe anything, as long as it's not founded on truth."  I had to agree.

How can we be expected to make rational decisions when the bills being offered to Congress these days are over 2000 pages in length and written by lawyers?  The people who wrote them don't even know what's in them.  They advise us to pass them so we can see what's in them.  Now what kind of backward thinking is that? The Congressional Budget Office has to be located in Orlando, Florida because every analysis they give on bills such as Health Care are said to be deficit neutral.  No bill passed by the Federal Government in its entire history has been deficit neutral.  We just can't fathom how much these monstrosities are going to eventually cost the American taxpayer.  Fantasy Land is the only place where such bunk could possibly be believable.  Will Rogers once said, "Lettin' the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier 'n puttin' it back."

I told the guys and gals at the tire store, I thought we had enough laws.  I believe if we enforced them the way we should, we could do without another one.  That would relieve us of having to foot the bill for Congress because they wouldn't be needed anymore.  If we spent more time on getting morally and spiritually tuned up we wouldn't need so many folks to enforce the laws either.  I'm discouraged by the large numbers of people who totally ignore the speed limits.  You may not think that's so bad.  But, it indicates a breakdown in society when even the good folks are willing to break the law on a regular basis.  We pick and chose what we will obey and what we won't when the enforcers aren't in sight.

Our current administration has taken this attitude a step further by ignoring the U. S. Constitution whenever they choose.  They have stacked the federal courts with judges who payback their handlers by making decisions based on benefiting those who appointed them, instead of following the "rule of law."  When our system of checks and balances fails, then a very few people can exercise total control over our country's direction .  They can spend money we don't have and ram legislation through against the will of the American people.  People then become frustrated that the system is no longer working and they revolt.  Once respect is lost for the government then anarchy follows and nothing good can come from that.

Will Rogers also said, "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging."  I think we would do well to remember that advice.

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  1. back seat drivers;
    Em has become my speed spy. She reads me the speed limit signs, who taught her that? :)


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