Saturday, September 4, 2010

Say What?

Who is Elena Kagan?  Who would nominate someone to the highest court in the land who had zero judicial experience?  Why the man some elected president that's who.  He of course had 147 days experience as a Senator and who knows what the rest of his experience is.  I say that because he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars keeping his records secret.  

Elena Kagan (pronounced /ˈkɡən/; born April 28, 1960)[3] is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, serving since August 7, 2010. Kagan is the Court's 112th justice and its fourth female justice.
Kagan was born and raised in New York City. After attending PrincetonOxford, and Harvard Law School, she completed federal Court of Appeals and Supreme Court clerkships. She began her career as a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, leaving to serve as Associate White House Counsel, and later as policy adviser, under President Clinton. After a nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which expired without action, she became a professor at Harvard Law School and was later named its first female dean.
President Obama appointed her Solicitor General on January 26, 2009. On May 10, 2010, Obama nominated Kagan to the Supreme Courtto fill the vacancy from the impending retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens at the end of the Supreme Court's 2009–2010 term. After Senate confirmation, Kagan was sworn in on August 7, 2010, by Chief Justice John Roberts. She will have a formal investiture ceremony before a special sitting of the United States Supreme Court on October 1, 2010.[4]  Wikipedia 

She was Barack Hussein Obama's Solicitor General.  She has been busy defending the president in every law suit brought before the courts related to his citizenship.  This is the big payoff.  Now he told us in the beginning he was born in Hawaii.  He and his staff even produced the first page of a Hawaiian birth certificate.  I since have seen a video on You Tube where he and his wife both state before separate audiences that he was not from Hawaii, but that he was born in Kenya.

So, why isn't someone prosecuting him for lying?  And, why isn't someone prosecuting the Democrat Party for certifying their candidate was constitutionally qualified?  I sent this video clip to my Senator John Cornyn and asked him this question.  I got a standard pablum form letter listing his great accomplishments in D. C. and thanking me for my interest in politics.  Why isn't someone doing something?  Why isn't Gibbs being prosecuted for lying to the press?  And, why isn't the press going after all the liars?


  1. I don't understand all this either. It seems most in Washington are posessed by the devil---Hell-bent on destroying everything this country was founded on and stands for. You know enough people in this country know the truth about Obama

  2. I don't understand all this "evidence" being ignored either. It seems that most of the ones in power in Washington are devil possessed--Hell-bent on destroying everything our country stands for and was founded on. I can hardly stand to think of where we will be by the time Obama is out of office. Can we make it two more years?!


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