Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Lesson on Liberals

Examine this chart closely, it will explain a lot about why you don't understand liberals.

Liberals are really easy to identify in the field.

Here are some really famous ones.  I hope this exercise has helped you.  Remember:

Liberals are very broadminded: they are always willing to give careful consideration to both sides of the same side.
  - Anonymous

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  1. If those cartoons don't perfectly describe my opinion of a liberal, I don't know what does. And, although some are beginning to see the light, too many are still in love with "the idea" or even "the man." They are the ones who, though they see exactly where this administration is taking them, are unable to admit that they could ever have been so horribly, country-alteringly or miserably wrong. Such people exhaust me.


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