Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He's Sucking America Dry.

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.  Let's see how he has taken care of his illegal alien aunt from Kenya.  She has been here since 2000.  If a man will treat his own family like this, then just imagine how he will deal with the elderly in our country who are not kin to him.  Let's examine just how grateful these illegal immigrants are with the benefits granted to them by our government.

Listen as Obama's Aunt tells of her overstay in this country.  Then notice that the same federal Judge who ordered her to leave, grants her asylum after Obama is inaugurated president.  She refused to go after the judge ordered her to go the first time and remained in this country illegally.

There will be millions of these overstays with an equally ungrateful opinion of the country that supports them with its tax dollars if Obama's amnesty plan is put into law.  They will form a huge undereducated, illiterate, and dependent bloc of Democrat voters.  They will actually believe what  Barney Franks, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama tell them to believe.

As Ronald Regan says, "Theses voices don't speak for the rest of us."

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