Friday, July 2, 2010

We the people....

I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to get more than just a little tired of this worthless excuse for a leader. We had a political cartoon in our paper this morning typical of the ill informed voting base we have here.  It portrayed the Arizona governor as hyping the threat of illegal aliens to the rest of the United States.  Let me tell you this, Arizona isn't the only sieve along the border.  We are well aware of the influx of peoples of all nationalities through our portion of the border.  I have seen middle eastern males, Asians,  and all manner of people from Central and South America coming through this gateway.  Let me give you some facts:  Some of these people are coming here to find work.  Many others are running from the law enforcement authorities in their own country of origin.  Mexico has no middle class, and their leaders don't give a rip about anyone who doesn't have lots of money.  The more of this class leaving their country, the better for them.  And lastly, those who would do us harm (terrorists) have easy access through this porous

Lie:  We need their cheap labor.  Fact: Their presence here comes with a price tag far greater than any savings we might see in their hourly pay scale.  They bring their families over with them and we must clothe, feed, educate, and provide medical care for them.  They send a good portion of their earnings to family members outside the country because they can subsist on hand outs here.  They also pay not one red cent in taxes, so their hourly income is increased at least one third over legal residents, and U. S. citizens.  Some carry diseases we have eradicated for the most part in our country.  Some are violent criminals and, will in all likelihood, come into contact with our law enforcement officers and prison systems.  This further strains our already bulging legal system.  We must stem the ever increasing tide, and we must do it in a harsh and impressive manner real soon.

I think all border States should ban together and do their own enforcement.  I am not pleased that Texas has not taken on the Federal Government as Arizona has.  We are given half truths (The same kind Eve received from the serpent in the Garden of Eden) by those who would put their own political interests above the best interest of our free nation.  The following cartoon illustrates this admirably:

Can you believe we can't muster enough brave men to put a stop to this kind of double speak and lying?  We are waiting for those in elected office to step up and say enough is enough.  It's not enough for Republicans to act alone.  These are matters of National Security.  Members of both houses must ban together to stop this radical move to take over our national interests.  We must block the nomination of judges to the Supreme Court who have no judicial experience.  The people should nominate judges who have demonstrated their love for this great country, and jurists who will act in accordance with the rule of law outlined in our U. S. Constitution.

Thank you Arizona for taking a stand.  I say it is time for all the States in this United States to stand united under the sovereignty granted by the 10th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution:  Amendment 10; The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, or prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. We can stop this runaway president and his lackeys  and minions by taking action ourselves.


  1. I'll risk my name going down on the 'LIST' when I comment here and on your FB page... you are 100% right to have worries about the influx of aliens and your views should 'NOT' be dismissed as scare mongering.. I heard such words uttered here in the UK in the early 1970s... at the time people called the ones who voiced their concerns Racists Bigots... now the UK is a big melting pot of cultures and we are loosing our very own identity... crime as gone through the roof... and gangs from other countries have a stronghold in our larger cities... If you have holes in your borders .. PLUG them now.... if you have gates.. Guard then or simply close them.. We didn't and our country is paying the price for it.

  2. Thanks Wom Tigley. I disguised your name in order to protect you. I wish more people would listen to those on the other side of the pond who know what is happening. You should be our litmus paper. I appreciate your comments and your suggestions. Some of us will be doing as you suggest. Pappy

  3. I can not believe how little we hear about that porous border down there, the murders, the shootings, the drugs, the every day battle. Where's the media? Okay, don't answer. I know where they are.

  4. To many are buying "The Reassuring Lie" rather than facing "The Inconvenient Truth".

    But then, hasn't that always been the way of our people, so quick to believe some lying sugar daddy telling them everything's gonna be just fine, just trust me. That old jealous God stuff is a fairy tale, pay Him no heed.

    Those with eyes to see have a fair idea how that's working out.


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