Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Behind the Mask

In case this is your first time to visit this blog, let me point out a few things.  There are no commercials here.  I choose not to advertise for anyone because I speak the truth and some who prefer more socially and politically correct jargon might try and influence my subject matter.  If you take time to read the content on this blog you will find it is blatantly honest.  You are encouraged to comment.  I post all comments regardless of their point of view as long as the person posting has used some identifiable medium and has refrained from profanity.

I have identified myself in picture and description and have made no effort to hide where I am.  I do this because I want people to know the source and feel comfortable in commenting.  Just the other day I got a mention on another blog here in the Valley.  I looked at the content on this blog and found it to be a hodge podge of sophomoric innuendo.  I received an e-mail directing me to the blog from a person using the first name "Steve" and a temporary e-mail address which had been disabled by the time I responded.  The blog purports to be located in Brownsville but is actually in McAllen, TX.  All of the participants use pseudonyms as do most of those posting comments.  Apparently this is cutting edge and allows those who know only the vernacular of the ignorant to spew their nonsensical bile.

I use this example to highlight what journalism has become today.  It is a reflection of progressive politics.  The truth is hidden if it doesn't foist whatever person or agenda the controlling party desires to elevate.  The press is a complicit functionary in this cabal.  We already have proof of their clandestine plotting.  I believe with all my heart that the recent military reports leak was planned by the current administration.  They have no qualms about using the complicit minions in the computer industry to be their mules in getting information like this out.  It does seem strange the only information being leaked is from the Democrat controlled congress days of George W. Bush.  The masks you use are not very successful because you are otherwise naked.  I'm almost positive competent investigation of the oil leak and the release of the Lockerbie bomber will have some connection to the people who are the current puppeteers of BHO. Why? Because it so closely fits the already stated agenda for taking the United States into third world status.

If you choose, as I do, to continue to defy the party line, the undercast of minor characters in the blogosphere  will label you as racist.  This is the new "R" word of the Obama Oligarchy.  It doesn't matter that in truth they are the "R's" and they seek to deflect your attention from their obvious bias and bigotry by projection.  No one is fooled people.  You are naked.  The King has no clothes and neither do his loyal subjects.

To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all.    - Peter McWilliams


  1. Great posts! Would you PLEASE put the feature on that allows readers to e-mail your post to friends? I would love to send that one on Hillary to several people! I'm from Arkansas and they were the biggest corrupt phonies ever to shame Arkansas!

  2. I would love to accommodate you, but unless you can tell me how to do that, I don't have a clue.


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