Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thanks for waiting.

Thanks for waiting.  Bebe and I traveled to Wyoming, Montana, and all points in between.  While we were gone we watched and listened to very little news.  What a pleasant relief.  I've returned and found that nothing much has changed.  A retired plumber provided the idea that stopped the BP oil leak, and the Democrats have ramped up their lies to the point of nausea.  I did get my teeth replaced and repaired.  I'm relearning how to chew on both sides of my mouth again.  Thinking Americans are still engaged in righting our listing ship of State while long ensconced politicians continue to ignore and minimize their influence.  I hope this proves to be their undoing in November.  Massachusetts proves once again that even their conservative Republican choices are nothing more than Democrats using the name, Republican.  I really think we should cut the Northeast off from all carbon based sources of power and fuel they don't produce themselves.  That should go for anyone, including D.C. who wants to tax and regulate the carbon based fuel sources out of existence before we have a viable alternate source.  We passed thousands of wind generators in the wide open spaces of the West.  I understand the cost for each unit is somewhere in the neighborhood of five million dollars.  One wind generator produces enough electricity for 80 households and has a projected life of about five years.  Does this sound cost effective to you?  Besides, the visual pollution is extreme.  We don't know what the all the environmental effects are yet, but some studies suggest the ground below the generators is made unusable.  Of course the people on the east and west coasts don't want any oil wells, coal mines, wind generators, or refineries messing up their self proclaimed pristine environments.  I say fine.  Live with what you have.  If you want to return to the dark ages that's your business.  I'm having to try and focus as I write this because the wrecking crew led by the puppet leader Obama is active in all areas as they lie and connive  their way into every aspect of our lives.  I'm reloading. The blog, Right Turns Only has a good piece on how this administration is destroying business and commerce in the U. S.

The auto Industry bailout is now being examined closely and new information is available which shows that the closing of certain dealerships by Chrysler was not done by the automaker as first reported, but rather by the Czar in charge of such things.  New evidence shows the closures of dealerships may have been done on the basis of how much was donated to candidates other than Obama rather than on financial data related to the strength of these dealerships.  How much more corruption will we tolerate before we derail this illegitimate government?

College isn't the place to go for ideas.
  - Helen Keller

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