Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time Marches On.

I was watching the summer activities of people across the country as I traveled recently.  They were doing what free Americans do.  I wondered as I traveled along, how many were concerned about things in Washington, D. C. or in our war zones.  It appears to me if things take over a few months to settle, many Americans tune out.  They just don't think about the problems anymore.  The sound bite answer is best followed by a sound bite solution.  The idea of a prolonged conflict can no longer be tolerated by the "Reality Show" crowd.  If daddy can't plug the oil well in two days, its time to find someone to blame for the delay.  If natural disasters occur, then someone must be blamed when people aren't taken care of immediately.

We are a people of hype and drama.  I can't abide the national news on any level.  The repetition, rude "talk over" interruptions, and endless speculation about increasing doom are the order of the day.  Even the weather people try and talk tropical depressions up into CAT V hurricanes, and seem disappointed when they fizzle.  Now we find that a sizable segment of the MSM  was engaged in bending the news to guide the outcome of a national election.

And what about Shirley Sherrod?  Can you say racist to the core?  No apologies needed in this case regardless of what media source you subscribe to.  This woman is an embarrassment on any level you can think of.  She should have never been in government service.  However, in the current regime, she is a model of her president - a bigoted racist of the highest order.  The complete tape (which the NAACP owned but failed to provide) shows no hint of change in attitude or behavior and stands as clear evidence of prohibited activity by any government employee.

And what about our Military men and women?  We will never make a workable democracy in Afghanistan or Iraq.  These are stone age tribesmen with a stone age religion of hate and degradation.  They will be fighting with one another until the end of time.  The best we can hope for is to damage them beyond repair and pull out.  In the meantime, we can ban all Muslims and Muslim activity from within our national borders.  A religion designed to kill all who don't believe and submit, is not covered under the freedom of religion protections of the United States Constitution.  No other group bent on the destruction of America would be allowed to continue operations here.  We could certainly use our military's help within our own borders to help bring the increasing dangers of an out of control illegal immigrant population under control, and to smash any intrusion by our not so friendly neighbor Mexico.  We should bring suit against the government of Mexico for failing to provide sufficiently for its own people.  We should also withdraw aid from all Central and South American countries who are controlled by leftist regimes and who show disdain for the big Uncle who has shored them up for all these years.

Some solutions aren't pretty, but if we don't act swiftly and harshly the problems will continue to blossom.

Don't give up on the fight.  It will be long and ugly with this current Oligarchy.  Don't shoot your friends for minor differences.  It will take all right thinking Americans to overcome the damage being done by this illegitimate Coup.


  1. Hey Pappy..just stopping by to say hello...hope all is well down there in Texas! Montana has been amazing for us this summer!


  2. I just got back from spending a few days in Billings, Montana. It is hotter than blazes here right now. Wish I was back in Montana. Pappy

  3. Good advice there in the last few sentences. You are, once again, absolutely correct. Americans as a people have the attention span of a gnat. So many folks I've talked with recently toss their hands into the air and basically say that it doesn't matter which party is in office; it doesn't matter what happens; all politicians are the same. One was actually so passionate about it that I recommended that he run for office.

    Stay cool now...


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