Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was just thinking....  I don't know about you, but this back and forth name calling and labeling has gone just about far enough.  Very few people in this country are "racist".  The Nazis, who were killing people because they were Jews, fit the definition to a tee.  However, Muslims who kill infidels (everyone who doesn't believe like they do) are not because it is not about race.  It is certainly worth our time to take action against such rash behavior, but we seem more concerned about people who call each other names.  Our current behavior is certainly bizarre to the point of absurdity on this matter. 

Can we be honest here for just one nano-second?  How many races do we have in this country?  Almost all known on the face of the Earth have come to our great country and found a home.  Those who have immigrated legally, as well as those who have been forced to come here, have made their mark on our history.  How many of those experienced slavery or slave like conditions upon arrival here?  Looking back through history, many could claim that they were brought here as indentured servants, workers paid little or nothing for their labor, slaves, those driven to reservations, and a variety of other unjust situations.  Many were shunned for because of their place of origin, their level of poverty, their lack of education, their different appearance, their strange cultural practices, and almost anything else you can think of that set them apart.

Almost everyone in this country can find blood relations to a variety of these original immigrants and native occupants if they trace their genealogy.  The vast majority worked their way out of the ghettos and into positions of respect in spite of how people first viewed them.  They became accepted members of society because they ignored what people said about them and became successful.  That is why we love our free Republic so much.  Anyone can make it here if they work hard and try to fit in.  Most of us remember our parents telling us that, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me."  We would do well to remember that today.

If you examine successful people in all the various racial and ethnic groupings in this country you will find individuals who are accepted.  I don't ever hear these people whining because someone called them a name. The people who constantly whine and carp about their condition, position, or what someone is calling them are those who have either not made any effort to better themselves, or those who by reason of special treatment and unfair advantage over the remainder of the population have risen to levels of demand in their jobs far beyond their levels of competency.  They are especially evident in government service where they are sometimes called on to speak in public forums.  They only serve to reinforce stereotypical assumptions which are then generalized to those in their governmentally generated grouping.  They hurt those in their grouping who have made it on merit.

These are the people who we see on television, radio, and mob scenes proclaiming some racial bias by the remainder of the broad spectrum of the population who worked for what they got.   The government caused this type of behavior by passing poorly thought out, knee jerk, legislation designed to take care of problems that would have worked themselves out naturally.  The natural process would have taken less time and would have had much better results.  Because they forced the issue, they created more problems than anyone could have imagined.  The government, in its lack of wisdom and foresight, continues to pile on the ridiculous stop-gap fixes which do nothing more than exacerbate the problems.   Where do you think our current financial woes come from?  Where do stupid unnecessary laws like those on "Hate Crimes" come from?  Where do we get embarrassing politicians who don't have a grasp of basic knowledge common to grade school children?  You know the answer to these questions.  When people who are products of this system become leaders in our government they become punitive overlords with a single agenda.  They want to punish everyone who achieved some success on merit, and they deflect any criticism or challenge by playing the "Race Card."  They know their backgrounds and accomplishments are puffed up by unfair jumps and give aways that can't stand examination in the light of day.  They are the true "racists" in our country today, and we are being ruined by their incompetence.


  1. Pappy! I think you are absolutely correct. Keep pouring it on. Maybe it will help get the ball rolling quicker.

  2. Thank you both for dropping by and leaving a comment. Pappy

  3. I'm glad you brought up the early Europeans from England. The indentured servants, most folks think the first slaves here were African.

  4. Glad you brought up the original slaves, the indentured servants from England.

  5. Lots of people were slaves in this country. Many nationalities were represented in the mix. We still have them here today, but not many people realize it.


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