Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too Many Clowns - Not Enough Circuses

Are any of you having doubts now?  I know it's hard to admit you made a mistake, but continuing to support a guy like this is just going to make you look worse when you finally admit it.  I didn't want to believe collusion between BP and the administration in the catastrophe on the Deep Water Horizon, but it looks like there may have been some.  Take a look at this link:

I just can't respect the president or anyone associated with him when they keep ignoring common sense and making deliberate efforts to destroy our country.  We are in big trouble financially. With an out of control debt,  all the Democrats seem to do is increase spending.  They can't even get the social activities right.  Look at this garb.  Michelle looks like a pinata.  


  1. Must confess that in addition to wondering about the president, I spend a fair amount of time fretting over the first lady. What is she thinking?

    Okay, I'm off to read the article knowing that it'll be interesting and serious. Very.

  2. Comrade Zero makes no apologies as he continues his quest to destroy the fabric of western civilization and remake it into his vision of a world wide fascist-socialist state.

    By the way, I wasn't aware that one could actually wear a pinata.


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