Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What are they thinking?

I'm daily perplexed by the actions of our current administration.  I keep asking myself, "What are they thinking?" I'm going to be away from the keyboard for a few days and while I'm gone maybe you can give me some answers.  I'm not sure I'm still living in the United States.  At least the Supreme Court made a sensible ruling on the Miranda warnings.  Our newest incompetent, Sonia Sotomayor showed her true pinko leanings in her take on the decision.

Barack Hussein Obama shot off to Chicago for a vacation.  Who vacations in Chicago?  I am of the opinion he was doing some CYA work on the bribe offered to  Joe Sustek.  At the same time he was sending Eric Holder (now in first place for the worst Attorney General in history), to the Gulf Coast to see if he can drum up some criminal charges against BP.  They are trying to distance themselves from BP since there are some questionable ties with the oil company and the Obama administration.  Holder should be checking on some criminal charges in the Sustek bribe situation, the seating of an unqualified candidate as president, assault charges on SEIU thugs and new Black Panther members at peaceful rallies and voting places,  and a variety of real violations which he is ignoring because it involves people who have paid a lot of money for favors from this administration.  Bill Clinton just can't keep his amoral self out of the shady politics.  He's an expert who should have been prosecuted himself for any number of violations.  But like Holder, Janet Reno was bought and paid for.

What is it with these Muslims?  They are building huge mosques all over the U. S. and now they want to build a huge one across the street from the World Trade Center site.  Let me say this one more time.  This is a religion that has no business in the United States at all.  We are stupidly ignoring their stated religious purpose of taking over the entire world and destroying all others who don't submit to Sharia law and the worship of the prophet Mohammed.  I don't care how innocent their members appear on the surface, they are all about the same thing.  It is not a religion that can co-exist with any other.  They have no qualms about lying to infidels.  In case you don't know what an infidel is, it is anyone who is not Muslim.  You my friend are marked for death is you don't submit.  Every mosque in the U. S. should be closed, and every non-citizen rounded up and expelled from this country.  We don't need them here.  We are at war with these people.  If it were up to me, I would take a very close look at our president.  They do not allow any other churches, or religions to exist in their countries.  They kill Christians all over the world by the tens of thousands and yet we blindly go along to get along.  We cannot afford to do this.  You may label me a kook and call me hard hearted and mean spirited, but when they come for you and your children, you might want to look me up and apologize.

The puppet president continues to show his incompetence in every aspect of the job.  We should be behind Israel one hundred percent.  Our financial system is in tatters, our foreign policy is abysmal, our health care system is already cratering, thugocracy is the order of the day,  and our system of checks and balances has been corrupted to the point it no longer exists.  We need wholesale change from top to bottom.  I'm afraid we'll all suffer a lot more before we are able to turn this joke of an administration out, but we should not waiver from the task of doing so.  Let me know what you think.


  1. Not I. Nope. I'd never call you a kook, hard hearted or mean spirited.

    Not sure how far I would go with not allowing Islam, but I have a huge problem with building a mosque in NYC so close to the WTC. It's an outrage and an insult.

    As for going to Chicago on vacation...I've actually considered it. :D

    Yes, we should absolutely support Israel. It's incredible to me that the world rises in opposition to them when all they are doing is protecting themselves.

    Oh, thanks for always providing some information that I have not known a thing about. Off to Google what Sontomayor had to say. I doubt that the issue with Sustek will be going away any time soon. No, wait. It will be. Forgot about our media there for a sec.

    What's this? Leaving again so soon? Well, keeping the heat up is a thankless job I am sure, but you do it so well and I do thank you.

  2. Here's what I think...I couldn't agree with you more! EXCELLENT points, all!

    Have you heard the latest...this administration is advising with James Cameron on the oil spill, cause he has so much underwater experience. Why not? I am waiting to hear they put the head of LaRaza on the immigration panel! LOL

    This country is shot unless people WAKE UP and demand it back, IMHO...

  3. Excellent Pappy!! We MUST stop the Muslim religion completely and kick them OUT of our country! Please, when you have time, read my post about Islamic Dhimmitude. It explains everything.

    Pray for peace, PREPARE FOR WAR!

    Yer Pal Sparky @ Reluctant Patriot

  4. You always take the words right out of my mouth, but only better!!! Good points!


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