Monday, June 21, 2010


Now that last cartoon seems absurd to those of us who are accustomed to rule of law, but if you listen to the Democrat agenda, it is their hope to use amnesty to create an immense voter base of uneducated and un-American voters.  They have no intention of enforcing the immigration laws of this nation. Why are no law-makers, prosecutors, or judges calling them on this and filing on them for dereliction of duty?

Listen to this bimbo.  She is the U. S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. (Looney) Solis.
 She actually lumps documented and undocumented workers in the same category.  While I'm for being fair to all legal workers, I have the crazy idea in my head that undocumented workers should be arrested immediately and returned to Mexico or where ever else they might be from.  Call me radical, but that's my old law enforcement training coming out.  To know a felony is being committed and refusing to act or at least make it know is known as misprision of a felony.  Webster defines misprision of felony (or treason) as:
"the offense of concealing knowledge of a felony (or treason) by one who has not participated or assisted in it."  This woman is guilty after the first report she receives from an undocumented worker.  So are the officials in the various states who refuse to enforce their own immigration laws.  So are the Democrat politicians including this administration who refuse to secure the border until constituents  vote for sweeping Immigration reform designed to grant amnesty to millions of illegals (This is blackmail and I am reporting it).  Their intention is clear:  New Democrat Voters.  This action is illegal.  I suppose the president is hoping for amnesty to legitimize his immigrant standing.  All of them are guilty.


  1. Excellent post...
    Our economy as got so bad illegals are leaving by the boat/planeful..

    I'm glad to see you are still 'tellng it as it is' Pappy.. keep it up my friend.

    I'm closing my Wiggers World blog down for a while.... but don't worry I'll look out for you on Facebook...


  2. Thanks Tom. I wish more folks here would pay attention to what has happened across the pond. I'm afraid it's a World Wide plot to bring us under a one world government and currency. It baffles me how so many folks can't see it. I'll be watching your posts on Facebook. Pappy

  3. BIMBO!!! *snicker* Good one Pappy. Looney Solis is a Bimbo to the 'enth degree.

    I guess everyone knows why Comrade Zero is against the bill? Because he is an illegal and will have to produce a birth certificate if found in Arizona. That must be how he ended up with a bogus Connecticut Socialist Security Number. He had no American birth certificate.

  4. Yes. Keep telling it, Pappy! And may Jan Brewer of nerves of steel.


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