Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Mother's 90th.

Another five years flew by.  It seems just like yesterday when we all met as a family in San Antonio, Texas to celebrate the eighty fifth birthday of our Matriarch.  This year we gathered on South Padre Island, Texas with kids, grandkids, and great grand kids to wish our mother (grandmother, great-grandmother) Happy Birthday.  We are resting up today from the celebration.
Louise is a true picture of the genteel Southern Lady, and. as always. she didn't break character.  The festivities started on Thursday with the arrival of all participants.  We rented a four story condominium on the north end of the Island with great views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre.  The Steel Magnolia amazed us all with her energy and vitality.

This is a breakfast photo with Uncle Troy cooking breakfast for everyone while mother enjoys a little time with her newest great grandchild, Chloe.
In this photo the grandkids are doing what we do best in our family, eating.

Aaron and Ava are getting acquainted with their new little cousin, Chloe.

The views of the Gulf of Mexico from the upper balconies were spectacular.

The views of the Laguna Madre were also stunning.  As the sun set on the bay we made plans to meet next year to repeat the event.  My mother suggested that five years might be stretching our luck.  So, the planning for the next location starts today.  


She was the Belle of Jeff Davis County.
Stunning to the beholder.
Long haired brunette
with more curves than a mountain highway.

She was raised in the traditions of the South.
Never leave the house without your make-up.
Always dress to the nines.
Her wide brimmed hats shadowed her face
to add to the mystery.

She learned to be strong and silent in adversity.
A player in a man’s world.
Influential, but not obtrusive.
Beautiful, but powerful.

She remains the same today.
Never making an appearance until her face is fixed.
Her hair shows no gray.
Graceful and fragrant like the Magnolia’s blossom.

But make no mistake,
her resolve is steel.

Dennis Price


  1. What a blessing, my Mom is eighty seven and very active. I learn to appreciate her more as time passes.

    I hope you get to spend several more birthdays with your mother, they're special people.

  2. Congratulations to your Mother and my best to your wonderful family. What a great day you had. Many more.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful mother. I don't think that five years is too far out for a vibrant woman like her. Thanks for sharing all these great photos.

  4. Congrats on your Mother's 90th, that is wonderful Dennis, all of our best to her and

  5. Dennis, Congrats on your mom's 90th. That is wonderful, give her our best, God Bless you and the family..

    Brady & Ida

  6. Love the poem and photos!! And your mom is pretty still. It's amazing, and wonderful, that she can travel at age 90. It's so nice y'all could get together again. Thanks for sharing with us all. :)

  7. Loved all the pictures and the poem. Next year, I'm coming! Aunt Louise is the next thing to my Mom, now that mine is gone. Dennis, the poem is her to a T. Mama always said I was more like Aunt Lou than her. I just hope I can live up to all her wonderful examples of the true Steel Magnolia that she is. Love you all.

  8. I think mother had a ball. Thanks to all who left her greetings here. I'll let you know when we plan next year's event and you can make a reservation.

  9. Mr Pappy, tell me what your mom did to teach you to respect/honor her so. With a near 4 y/o daughter and a 5 month old son... well, I think asking is the best way to learn. Plus, I never like to assume an answer.

  10. My dad and mom were both Christians. They made sure we received early training in the scriptures, and modeled the behavior outlined there to reinforce our understanding. My dad died young, and my mother stood strong. She grabbed the reins and continued to oversee the life training they both deemed to be important. We made our own decisions concerning faith in Jesus Christ, and with that decision we tapped into the real source of right thinking, the Holy Spirit. I believe strongly this is the only way to make it in this world today. There is very little support, and very few answers from secular sources. We all continue to make the mistakes common to all men, but our understanding Heavenly Father continues to forgive and nudge us gently back to right living. Thanks for asking.


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