Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

As a father, I worry about the condition of this old World and all the inane machinations modern politicians foist to remedy their selfish folly.  It could be a wonderful place to live.  However, godless men, acting unilaterally, push their agendas ahead and make excuses for why things are falling apart.  Some mind numbed and never minded people are willing to go along with the program without consulting history and established methods for making progress.  We continue to live in fear generated by those who would have us depend on them in every self proclaimed crisis.  Life is full of crisis.  The challenge has been to accept that, on occasion, in the natural course of life, mistakes happen, accidents happen, and unpleasant consequences may result.  Independent people in a free society can choose to pick up the pieces, put things back together, and work to make things better.

Established rules help us keep our freedom under control, and rule of law helps us reign in those who would do as they please at the expense of others.  However, too much law and too much dependence on government to handle what we should handle ourselves, drives down initiative and stifles creativity.  I hope future generations will reverse this trend.

Orderly growth is imperative because the cost of progress must not exceed a society's ability to provide support for its members.  The Earth is an amazing place that can sustain and heal through most natural and man made strains.  While we should be responsible and frugal in our use of her natural resources, there is very little we can do to make long term differences.  Good stewardship is admirable and rewarding, but, for example, our lifetime efforts at making a dent in the climate through the control of green house gases was just trumped by a volcano in Iceland.  We should strive to make progress, move forward and adapt to the naturally changing climatic conditions that will ebb and flow regardless of what we do.  We should use natural and man made disasters to invent and overcome.  We all have the ability to contribute.  Only those who give up and buy into the lie that the government is just here to help us will slide into oblivion.  Stand up and fight this defeatist abomination.  Freedom is worth fighting for.

The federal government made the decision to force British Petroleum to drill in 5000 ft. of water.  The people in the area, and the oil company were planning to drill in 500 feet of water and had already agreed between themselves to do so.  However, the challenge was accepted and new methods were put into action.  A terrible accident happened.  Instead of accepting responsibility and helping to remedy a bad situation, the same government who in essence created the scenario where disaster was more likely to be the result, started blaming, denying, and seeking to distance themselves from the problem.  The reason the government was involved was to reward a relatively small group of individuals who think they can control the environment, and who give big bucks to have their agenda forced on everyone.  Their short sided and ill thought through programs have resulted in disaster and damaged the same environment they so loudly claim they are out to protect.

We must take back the reins and drive forward again.  Everyone is important in getting the job done.  Don't depend on someone else to do what you see needs to be done.  Our founding fathers gave us the tools when they founded this great nation of ours and they wrote down many wise suggestions for us to follow to insure it survives.  We must return to those writings and the Godly wisdom found in the Holy Bible which motivated them to act as they did, and do what they said.  Happy Father's Day


  1. First of all, Happy Father's Day, Pappy!

    I'm inclined to agree with those who say that it is because of our children and grandchildren and future generations that we will work hard to preserve and restore the country we live in. Otherwise, we might be tempted to throw up our hands.

    Did you happen to see the attack on BP's CEO on last night's news for daring to do participate in a yacht race in "pristine" waters. Talk about an embarrassingly friendly media deflecting attention away from an incompetent president and his administration. Disgusting!

    I think I should begin and end with Happy Father's Day! :D

  2. Wow, well put Pappy! You sound like us. Have you been listening in at our dining room table discussions?? :) And, I completely agree, "Freedom is worth fighting for." And we are willing to take up arms and do just that.

    Hope you had a Happy Father's Day. God bless fellow Patriot! :)


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