Monday, August 30, 2010

Think About It

Where Does Space End?

The thought
should be enough to give us pause.

A picture of eternity.

A tiring mind push.

So, we create reality.
A show to watch.
A triviality.
A gothic play
that lacks originality.

So much knowledge.
So little wisdom.

Perhaps if we had no food
we could focus.
We don’t leave the mirror
long enough to care.
Our lives are air.
It’s all about what’s fair.
Rights without responsibility.

It will not last.
It never has.
The cycle will repeat and
we’ll be forced to scratch
for scraps of bread.

for a while we’ll understand
the beauty of a loaf.

Dennis Price


  1. For me it's not being able to leave Blogland...

  2. Glad you liked the poem. Good to hear from you both. Pappy


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