Thursday, August 5, 2010


I found this photo of a baboon gasping in the blog, Lobo's Rants.  The post next to it read in part as follows:

"-  In no particular order – the ‘papers, please’ insanity in Arizona is apparently popular with people over 50 (not me) and curious to younger Americans. That seems clear enough.  Young people are not afraid of people who do not look like them and perhaps, just perhaps, they enjoy the diversity rather than the boring homogeneity."

I gasp at the lack of understanding this young blogger displays about the whole issue of illegal immigration.  Once again I must restate for those trained in the nebulous world of our public schools, it is not about people of any particular race, it is about breaking the laws of the United States of America.  Let me put this clearly;


There are millions of people from every race on the face of this green earth who have immigrated to this country legally.  They have come as legal resident aliens, or have applied for, studied for, and been accepted as naturalized U. S. citizens.  It is a kick in the face to these who have acted in a legal manner and done what is necessary to gain their citizenship for our government leaders to confuse the issue and try to make this some kind of race based bias.  It is a plain and simple case of obeying the laws of the United States of America.  How can we even consider a blanket amnesty for people who have blatantly ignored the laws of this country?

I gasp at the actions, or lack thereof, of our current administration in dealing with this serious problem.  No other country on the planet will allow outsiders to enter their borders illegally and roam about seeking employment or committing criminal activity.  In fact, in most, you can't stay in a hotel without a properly stamped passport.  In ours, under this current insipid and incompetent regime, they are welcomed with open arms with all their diseases, dope, criminal records, harmful intent, and lack of visible means of support.  In addition they are supported by the U. S. taxpayers.

Let me ask you this, should we ignore other serious violations of our State and Federal laws?  Let's pick a violation - How about Bank Robbery?  Why don't we prevent the states efforts to identify and go after Bank Robbers?  No more security cameras in banks.  No more efforts at silent alarms, and exploding money packs to identify these thieves.  Absurd you say?  I say no more than ignoring and failing to enforce our immigration laws.  I know most of you who read me know this, but I feel compelled to continue posting on this issue for those who might accidentally drop by.

I think all governmental agencies, and foreign governments who make stupid resolutions opposing Arizona's state immigration laws should be sanctioned in some way for doing so.  The Arizona law mirrors the federal law and is well within the legal protections afforded by the U. S. Constitution.  There is no law against ignorance, or the detractors  would all be in the penitentiary.  I think the federal government should withdraw all financial aid to countries who challenge U. S. laws. Mexico is a third rate, third world participant whose government is so corrupt it can't function.  It has a severe caste system in place with only the rich and powerful enjoying any semblance of a life.  I also think U. S. citizens should boycott Mexican tourism, and commerce.  The Mexican government's lack of control over the drug cartels, corruption in law enforcement, and a wide spread criminal element makes it unsafe to travel or even shop there.  Our government on the other hand has now been handed over to a leftist president and his complicit support groups in the legislature, the courts, and the media.  Failure to take quick and decisive action is only going to prolong the process and make enforcement more difficult when we try to do something about it.

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