Saturday, August 28, 2010

Modern Mayhem

Whoever thought a modern invention,
designed to assist us,
could cause such contention?

In theory it’s great,
a freeing contraption.
But freedom’s a dream,
an illusive distraction.
We’re free, but we’re not.
We can’t get away.
It’s there in our lives
every night, every day.
No rest at a meal,
in a movie or church.
No relief from the thing
at play or at work.

“Turn it off, turn it off.”
There are signs and announcements,
admonitions and pleadings,
proclamations, pronouncements.

We forgot to consider the human condition.
That one fatal flaw that leads to perdition.
“It’s mine, it’s mine.”
they say as they flaunt.
“I’ll force you to listen.
I don’t care what you want.”

We swerve and careen
ever faster and bolder
with that hard plastic case
pinned twixt cheekbone and shoulder.

We’ll pass laws I am sure,
but who will obey them?
We’ll never return to those
days without mayhem.

Dennis Price


  1. Very telling final line...nope, there's no going back. There's a story in my family about an ancient grandfather standing in the street waving his cane and yelling at horseless carriages. He'd scream, "Get off the street!" Guess I can stop laughing at him now and feel a bit of compassion. ;>

  2. I occasionally want to withdraw from the electronic media, but it is so intertwined with our normal course of business I can't.


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