Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aging Memories

A century old sage
on his old Farmall cub
strokes his gray stubbled beard
stained with tobacco juice.

“Everything’s changed
Ain’t nothin’ the same
‘cept the tractor,
the house,
and the barn.”

He grins and spits.
“Got no teeth, but still chew.”

His old red tractor
chugs, sputters, and squeaks
much like he does.

Slowly, memories come.

Memories of childhood
clearer than yesterday.
The house as it once was.
His life as a young man.
Those in his family now
all passed away.

“Everything’s changed
ain’t nothin’ the same
not the tractor,
the house,
or the barn.”

Dennis Price


  1. Dennis have you ever thought about publishing your poetry. Great stuff. Brings out lots of memories. Nice

  2. I have a self published volume of 44 poems. Not much demand for poetry in the publishing world.

  3. Pappy,

    I always enjoy your poetry. There is not much demand for anything pure and wholesome these days, whether it is fiction or poetry.

    I think it is wonderful that you did chapbooks, your descendants will cherish them.

  4. Any copies available?

  5. Yes, I have a few left for very special people.

  6. I am a very special person and I don't have a copy! I will expect one via snail mail...soon!!!
    You know how I love your poetry and YOU!


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