Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainbow Stew

Pappy is mounting up for a trip into the heart of Texas.  After the shameful political machinations of this past month, I feel the need to roam.  I am not giving up, I'm just reloading.  I would like to meet the Democrats who did not vote for the garbage legislation crammed down our throats last night, we need to thank them for holding the line.  Thanks to all the Republicans who voted against the bill also.  We will be at the polls in November.  I'm sorry for you if you think you got something with the passage of the Senate bill.  Let me rephrase that; ...if you think you got something good....  We all got something;  immediate tax increases, fees, loss of more freedom, and not one positive advance in the quality and availability of health care.  The government has never delivered the goods on any social welfare program it has ever undertaken.  It was never intended to.  Our founders knew government control wouldn't work.  That's why they bound the power of the federal government with the U. S. Constitution.  Many of you mistakenly believe I am unaware of the abuses of private health insurance companies.  In a free society men must self regulate.  They must consider their fellowman and his needs when arriving at a fair cost for services in a free market.  Not everyone does.  But, those who violate the code of human decency can be replaced by new companies who will.  We need personal revival as human beings.  Some of you forget that government is run by the same kind of flawed people who control industry.  Your money is still going to be taken, and you will wait in long lines for inferior service while the leaders of government line their own pockets with your tax dollars.  You should have been able to see that in the process that accompanied the passage of this latest pack of lies legislation.  I'm reminded of the words in an old Merle Haggard tune, Rainbow Stew, ..."We'll all be drinkin' that free Bubble Up and eatin' that Rainbow Stew."  You just sold your birthright for a bowl of porridge.

I've fought with the insurance industry over coverages just as most of you have.  Mine is tied to the federal government, so the private company I deal with passes the buck to the government overseer every time I have a question.  I know what you are going to be in for.  I'm sorry many of you thought you were really going to be making a difference with your support of this bill.  I understand you thought things would be made right and people would start getting fair treatment, but it is my educated opinion you bought a pig in a poke.  Even if the bill manages to survive all the legal challenges, the only thing that will start before 2013 will be the increased taxes.

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.
George Bernard Shaw


  1. not drinking any green bubble up here.
    Have a safe and restful trip.

  2. What a rough morning it's been. Defeated, discouraged, dismayed, and disheartened are words that come to mind. Okay, I'm delighted that you're not gone, just reloading. So, on that note, I'll wish you happy trails and times of refreshing. Oh, are you going to meet those Dems who held the line? God bless them. I need to round up a list and thank them all.

  3. My thoughts exactly! Very well put.

    Hey, it ain't over. As you know, it's gotta be approved by the Senate again THEN the conservatives on the Supreme Court say it will get shot down (may it crash and burn). We still have the balance of power in the courts. Hurray for that anyway.

    Have a nice trip. Hope the weather is good for ya. :)

  4. Nothing like a trip to the Hill Country to ease the mind and soothe the soul. I hope the Blue Bonnets bloom for you and Barbara.

  5. On the back roads of Central Texas with beautiful weather and magnificent wild flowers in bloom. Thanks for your comments. I'll be tired but refreshed when I return. Pappy


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