Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jousting at Windmills

I have exhausted the Dictionary of Expletives to try and explain the madness of progressives currently occupying the seats in the White House, House of Representatives, and Senate.  I can't come up with anything new to say about them.  They are haughty functionaries of the monied global interests who would wreck our representative republic.  They are dangerous and without conscience.  I can tell you from a very limited experience in trying to gain some political support for an appointed law enforcement position years ago, that these political movers and shakers always ask, "What can you do for us?"  Nothing about your ethics, your vision for service, or your ideas for best serving the tax payers, only "What can you do for us?"

I felt those chains of obligation wrapping around my body at the first meeting.  We are going to back you with our money, and we want some kind of payback.  I know it is much more blatant on the bigger stage.  I didn't vote for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for that very reason.  After all those years in Washington, she proved my point.  If you examine her voting record rather than listening to her political claims, you can see the real picture.  She is a progressive Republican.  She was not thinking of the State of Texas, she was thinking about remaining on the taxpayers' dole.  She ran against a strong Republican governor who has done a pretty fair job during his political tenure.  She exposed the Republican party to an unnecessary fight that could only serve to fracture the Republican voters and give aid to the enemy.  We would have been better served to use our conservative votes to insure that conservative Democrats were on the ballot in those districts where Republicans stand very little chance of winning.  Our party leadership must try and rid our ranks of the progressive elements already entrenched in the state legislature, and also in Washington, D.C.

Personal responsibility and ethical behavior are essential if we are to get our nation back on track. A democratic republic cannot survive if Judeo - Christian principles are not guiding the behavior of individuals in that republic.  Considering the rights of your fellow man is a central theme in making the process work.  Greed and selfishness need not be a part of Capitalism.  People can become very wealthy without cheating and stealing, and many others will benefit from their success.  Class envy gets us nowhere.  Attaching work to any money received as benevolence is much healthier for those who receive it.  We must kill the entitlement mind set we've allowed to permeate so much of our society.  The federal government and the state government should not be required to support anyone.  This function is best handled by family, friends, and concerned individuals.  They know best who really needs to be helped.  Those who refuse to participate would eventually starve and no longer be a problem.    Pappy

Liberty without learning is always in peril; learning without liberty is always in vain.
John F. Kennedy


  1. If Comrade Zero pushes the Democrats to pass the health care bill via reconcilliation it will be akin to political suicide. We shall see if they're willing to be lemmings and take the plunge.

  2. What an appalling day in Washington today. It'll be interesting to see where it all goes. My prayer is that the pendulum swings back again and that this administration, lacking anything to offer, merely serves as a bad example.

  3. Vee your prayers have already been answered. This administration, with its multi-faceted entourage, has already exceeded every previous bad example by a long shot. I can't predict the future, but much will be known about the resolve of the American people as this travesty plays out. Steve, I hate jumping off high places especially when lots of other people are doing it.


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