Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Caring Democrat.

I will concede the difficulty of defending totally any one political entity, however, I defend the right to call them like I see them.  I tire of being presented life stories of people who could not make it without the benevolent federal government.  Horror stories of health care denied and lives ruined by the callousness of private health care.  Only those elite Democrats, (the politicians who foist these soap opera segments) are caring individuals.  The rich Republicans are only concerned about tax breaks for the rich.  Get a life people. Stop calling those of us who are in touch with reality mean spirited and full of hate.  Look at the gaggle in the picture above - want to add up their net worth?  I'm middle America and I choose to be a Republican.  Why?  Because I believe in the theory of action and reaction.  If you are lazy and irresponsible then someone will be forced to take care of you or you will starve.  Call me crazy, but most of the horror stories presented have an element of irresponsible action leading up to the consequences presented.  These elements are conveniently left out of the heart wrenching productions designed to pull at your heart strings.  Looking at all the facts is a necessary component of critical thinking.  However, when Democrats run out of facts (which happens almost immediately in most debates) they resort to calling those on the other side mean spirited and hateful.  I say look in the mirror.  Your party is selling American into slavery.  The focus should not be on select carefully chosen cases that purport to prove your weak theories, but on the real reason for the need for governmental action.  The real reason for bankrupting America by the Democrat elite is to bring down our current representative republic and replace it with an Oligarchy run by rich socialist.  Social do-gooders ignore the reality of what they are asking the federal government to do.  They envision some Edenic world where all is made right by big government.  It never has worked, and it never will work.  When you live your life in the cloistered and rarefied air of the far Northeast, it may be easy to speak of such wonderful earthly enclaves.  However, when you see the daily realities of huge entitlement addicted populations and their growing numbers and unrealistic expectations, you shudder at the folly of believing it will get anything but worse.  It is unconstitutional and economically unsustainable.  The federal government is bloated and out of control.  Both parties share the blame for the monster we have created, but the American people are being awakened daily to the terrible consequences we face if we don't take drastic action to reign it in.  I say get your heads out of the sand and take a stand for America.  You don't have to be Republican to do that, you just have to care about the future of the nation and its continued freedom.  We can't afford any more costly government programs.


  1. The caring Democrat.
    What an oxymoron!

    The only thing they care about is entrenching themselves in office.

    After today's vote in the House, it's time we take our action directly to Washington. The Democrats have just driven a sword through the heart of freedom. It's pitchfork and barricade time, boys and girls!

  2. Thanks Louis. You and I can continue to talk and educate, but those who depend on government to correct the social ills of mankind will continue to be disappointed. There are many problems in a free society when men don't self regulate, however they are nothing when compared to the abuses we will all face when we give up our freedom. Pappy


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