Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not what you thought?

Did you ever volunteer for a job you thought just fit your talents and standing in life only to find out later you misunderstood the scope of your duties?

As the new School Superintendent
in this little Texas town,
he thought it couldn’t hurt a thing
to get his name around.

So when the town folk asked him
if he would work the gate,
he gladly told them that he would.
he didn’t make them wait.

He dressed up nice
and took his place beside the ticket stand,
the Rodeo was just the place
to talk and shake some hands.

“Now the ticket jobs are taken,”
said the man who ran the show.
“We need you to work the gates
for the rough stock, don’t you know?”

There he stood for all to see
at the bucking shoots below,
and, when the cowboys nodded
he’d pull and let them go.

The coffee shop was all a buzz,
he arrived a little late.
But the stories there were all about
how the “Super” worked the gate.

Dennis Price 


  1. Charming image of the Super working the rodeo gate. And then the coffee shop scuttlebutt at the end. So Texas. So you, Pappy.

  2. Nice-I think all the supers in this world should run the gate on a regular basis : )


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