Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Riding a Plow Horse

Have you ever ridden a plow horse?  If not, you may enjoy the experience without the bumps and bruises.


Trigger was a plow horse
who, seldom saw a saddle.
I was just a big kid
who rarely rode a straddle.

I lived in the city,
away from field and barn.
When school was out I’d visit
Old Trigger on the farm.

I thought I’d try and ride him,
and made a split-bit bridle.
I knew it might not stop him,
but hoped it’d make him idle.

Uncle Barney’s saddle
was split right down the middle.
It was old, the leather dry,
the cinch strap cracked and brittle.

I saddled Trigger, led him round
beside an old steel drum.
I stood on top and jumped aboard
he snorted, bucked, and spun.

The summer sun was brutal
Old Trigger soon lost steam.
He plodded down the gravel road,
at plowing pace it seemed.

I tried to make him pick up speed
with kick, and click, and whistle.
Then I turned him toward the barn
and he became a missile.

I rocked back and grabbed the horn,
pulled hard on cotton reins.
But Trigger galloped faster
as he barreled down the lane.

The barn loomed large before us.
he stopped just past the door.
I became a yard dart,
flying headfirst to the floor.

When I regained my senses
I made this observation:
That you shouldn’t ride a plow horse
for fun or transportation.

Dennis Price

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