Sunday, July 6, 2014

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Virgin Islands

I have been to St. Thomas on several occasions both as a Cruise Ship stop, and also to vacation.  On one particular trip, my last, I was unimpressed with my accommodations.  The small window unit would only provide cooling if you stood directly in front of it.  The weather was hot and humid.  Hundreds of tourists flooded the streets and shops of Charlotte Amalie from dawn till dusk.  The locals were surly and unhelpful. I couldn't wait to leave.  This poem was written to chronicle that visit.

Tropical Depression

Humid heat
no retreat
cranking down to
tropic beat.

Not to worry
we don’t hurry.
Sweat in eyes now
vision blurry.

Must find shelter
from this swelter.
Stuck in traffic,
Helter Skelter.

Where’s the hotel
in this black hell?
A.C. won’t work?
Oh! You don’t tell.

Spent my money,
wanted sunny.
Now I’m naked,
feel all runny.

Too late rain.
I’m insane.
Counting days till
outbound plane.

 Dennis Price


  1. Oh that sounds awful. Thanks for the warning!

  2. Not really that bad Vee. I just don't do large crowds of people well. I also prefer better accommodations. There were better on the island, we just didn't have them on that trip. Also, the neighboring islands are very nice. I am not a big fan of cruise ships. There are so many crowding the ports of these small places now, their crowds have changed the experience of being away from the fray. I know folks who like to go there every year. Have a great week Vee. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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