Thursday, July 10, 2014

Poetry, what is it?

Poetry is a little hard to define.  It has many forms and formats, and its subject matter is limitless.  I have my own ideas.  I think it should be understandable.  It really should be enjoyed more by your ears than by your eyes.  I always recommend reading poetry aloud.  When I was trying to learn the craft and hanging around with other poets, I found I enjoyed the ones who could craft a phrase with a rhythm and cleverness.  I understood their sentiment.  I belonged to groups whose members were from a wide range of backgrounds. Some were working people with very little formal training, and others were highly educated academics with impressive resumes.  There were enjoyable poets in both groups.  However, in the latter group there was a little hint of snobbery on occasion.  I remained true to my style and didn't try to reach too high in an attempt to impress my audience.  I wrote this poem and performed it at one of the monthly meetings.  I think everyone understood and there were more than a few smiling when I finished.  I hope you like it too.

I Salute You William Shakespeare

If I could just remember who wrote what,
and what they said,
I would quote them in my poetry,
the living and the dead.

I would be obtuse and dark,
droning on in endless prose.
not caring where my poem’s been
not knowing where it goes.

They’d think I’m educated,
worldly, pithy, hard.
For sure an academic.
cutting edge, avant garde.”

I would throw the cesspool at them
from bathroom to bordello.
A gasp, a blush, a whisper,
“He is such a brilliant fellow.”

They would clap when I was finished,
softly sigh, and nod assent.
And wonder if the others
had a clue of what I meant.

 Dennis Price


  1. I always appreciate those whose sense of humor is a little bent like mine. Thanks for dropping by.


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