Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What am I missing here?

I am having great difficulty with this whole idea that we are somehow compelled to take action in Syria.  I had no problem with trying to take action against Iraq.  We were attacked here in  the United States of America on September 11, 2001.  And, to the best of our ability we, in conjunction with our Intelligence Community determined that the biggest threat came from Iraq.  We took definitive action, and almost without argument the people of the United States including a majority of our elected representatives agreed with that action.

Unfortunately for the military personnel on the ground there, the decision making process was taken out of the hands of our generals and put back in the hands of politicians after our initial overwhelming success.
Then the political scheming started and the opposition party claimed that the intelligence was faulty and started to chip away at the resolve of our troops there.

Then, the portion of the electorate that hardly knows geography beyond their street address, elected a president who, by all standards previously applied to the office, was unqualified to hold the office.   He has systematically chipped away at the morale of the military and has minimized its ability to carry out its original task of ridding the world of the threat from Al Queda through our efforts in Afghanistan.

Now he wants to unilaterally engage in acts of war with Syria.  There has been no attack on the United States, and there is no immediate threat from Syria.  They are engaged in a bitter civil war.  Now, the same people who railed against the actions of president George W. Bush for his actions after we were attacked on September 11, 2001, are the same ones calling for U. S. military intervention in the civil war in Syria.

In the whole of the middle east, we have one ally and that is Israel.  Why? Because Israel is not a Muslim country.  The rest of the region is in the death grip of the world wide Muslim movement to force Islam on all people.  Those who resist will be killed.  They also have power struggles going on within the various Muslim sects over which sect will be in control.  It really isn't going to matter in the long run who wins because the resultant government will be run by Muslims.  There will be no democracy and no freedom because Islam does not recognize these concepts. This is true of all the Muslim countries in the World.

If these chemical weapons attacks are in fact real, regardless of who was responsible for their use, shouldn't the United Nations be condemning the actions of Syria and bringing the full weight of the rest of the World to bear on punishing them?  As it stands, we can't find anyone who seems concerned enough to get involved.  I would like to address the Congress and the President and tell them to stand down.  We have no business in Syria.  We have problems enough of our own that require our full attention.  If the World is so concerned, let them form a coalition to address the matter.


  1. Right. And in the words of a famous American: Let Allah straighten it out.

  2. Believe it or not, I agree with you on most facets of this issue.

    As far as the Iraq fiasco - it was President Bush that put us squarely there with cries of WDMs and "You're not a Patriot if you don't agree with me."

  3. How IWish you could address congress. You are so right. We have no business getting involved.

  4. I agree Vee. Thanks Buff. I think Patriots don't have to agree on everything. WMDs or not (I think some went to Syria)I think it was what we needed to get back on track. As the politicians took over the military action I think we played right into Iran's hand. We trained a lot of militant fighters for them and then pulled out and left them tons of equipment and they didn't have to spend a dime. Wishful thinking Cathy. I watched that fiasco this afternoon and I could hardly make it through the half hour of stroking all the egos. This before they ever got to anything that could be considered informative. I'm afraid I would have to be more direct.


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