Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obama's Military Leadership

I don't know about you, but given Obama's lack of respect for anything that resembles the established values for our great nation, I have trouble taking him seriously on anything.  I was struggling with just how to say in a few words what some of our politicians can't seem to grasp, so I turned to an e-mail sent by my good buddy David earlier this week.  I think it is a great capsule view of what's going on.  I hope you enjoy it. Thanks David.   This article is by Doug Patton

"Barack Hussein Obama is either the most inept president ever to sit in
the White House or he is an enemy of the Republic. He could be both, but
I defy anyone to suggest a logical third alternative.

For the last ten years, I have watched this man’s uncanny rise to the
pinnacle of power and vacillated between those two choices. His
inexperience suggested the former, but his ideology made me wonder what
he would do when the international chips were down. I have come to the
conclusion that ideology trumps inexperience. His ego is so massive, and
his leftist beliefs and Muslim upbringing are so strong, that he is
willing to throw our country as we have known it — not to mention any
inconvenient allies — under the big international bus.

Let’s review our Middle East policy since Obama took office in January
2009. He made it his top priority to go to the region and prostrate
himself before the Islamic world, bowing before Saudi sheiks and telling
outrageous lies about the great and glorious history of a religion
rooted in 7th Century barbarism in his now-infamous speech in Cairo.

Since then, he has unilaterally withdrawn from Iraq while perpetuating a
semi-war in Afghanistan that is doing nothing but getting our troops
killed a few at a time.

And, of course, he has proceeded to do everything in his power to place
as many crazy Muslim zealots in power as he possible can.

So now what do we have? We have Egypt, formerly a solid U.S. ally whose
leader kept the peace with Israel for thirty years, in flames and in
danger of becoming a Russian ally, at best, or imploding into Islamist
chaos, at worst.

Next door, in Libya, where every terrorist in the area is still laughing
at us after the fiasco in Benghazi, we have replaced a tinhorn tyrant
with a truly dangerous al-Qaida-run government, a scenario we are about
to repeat in Syria.

Meanwhile, the calculating Shiite Ayatollahs in Iran are watching our
every move and threatening to “rain down missiles on Israel” if we
attack the government of their friend in Damascus, Bashar al-Assad.

Hard as it may be, try to look at the Middle East through Obama’s eyes.
He thinks the United States is the problem in the region. He has stated
so repeatedly, beginning with that speech in Cairo. He obviously
believes the same canard George Bush kept repeating about the “religion
of peace.” The difference is that Obama cannot or will not differentiate
between so-called moderate Muslims and radical Islamists. Bush at least
knew that when people attack us, they probably are not our friends. He
also was willing retaliate against them when they proved themselves hostile.

Obama hates Israel, and he no longer has any need for the naïve liberal
Jewish vote that helped put him in office — twice — so he feels
emboldened to do what he wants to the tiny Jewish state. If Iran attacks
Israel in promised retaliation for a U.S. strike on Syria, Israel will
be forced to defend itself, possibly with nuclear weapons. Given Obama’s
willingness to twiddle his thumbs and pretend to agonize over his
decision to make any moves against the Syrian regime, thereby giving
every terrorist mullah in the Middle East time to plot revenge, one has
to wonder, will he do anything to defend Israel?

And if you think that lofty entity known as “The World Community” gets
up in arms over the use of a few canisters of chemical or biological
weapons, wait until you see the ginned-up outrage that will arise
against Israel when they defend themselves with nukes. After all,
America is still getting flak from the Left for using them on Japan 68
years ago. Such a scenario would provide Obama — not to mention a lot of
cowards in Congress on both sides of the aisle — with the excuse he has
long sought to abandon our only real ally in the Middle East.

Add to that the fact that the chaos this president has encouraged all
across the region could drive the cost of gasoline in the United States
to double digits — another Obama dream come true — and one more piece in
his radical environmental puzzle slides into place.

If I could name more than a handful of statesmen in Congress, I would
begin to wonder when the word “impeachment” might seriously be spoken there."

Doug Patton


  1. This is going to require more than impeachment. It's going to require Divine Intervention. Praying to that end... Just heard a pundit say that Obama desires more than anything to have Congress go against him on Syria. It is pretty bad when Putin is more believable than one's own "leader."

  2. That's what we get when we elect someone so unqualified and so out of touch with America's values and traditions. I think we may already be getting some divine intervention. We may not recognize the plan and it might not be pleasant for us, but it is part of a greater plan. When so many rebel against the truth, you know things are going to get rough. Our collective behavior will not go unpunished.


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