Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gore - bal Warming

I normally wouldn't post twice, especially poetry.  However, that great trumpeter of Global Warming continues to amaze me with his not so transparent antics.  This guy is not a scientist, or a poet, but he will use anything to keep the myth alive.  The myth of a "man made" causation of climate change has been debunked at the highest levels of science.  Climate changes because God wants it to change from time to time and nothing the Green Energy crowd can do will ever change that.  Al Gore is comical in his attempts to keep his cash cow alive.  He probably has the largest carbon footprint of any current or former politician, but will keep spouting his bilge until his coffers are full.  If you missed the poem he wrote, you can Google it, or click on the link below for a reference.

I read the poem when it came out, and decided to pen one of my own.  It follows stanza for stanza Gore's effort.

Whatever month you choose,
the world will turn
and tilt as seasons cycle
in their scripted course.

As vapors come and go
from land and sea,
so may some life forms
as they have through
eons past.

Snow falls when temperatures
dip low,
and rain, where temperate
climate reigns.

And floods, whenever God allows.

The score of nature is
not ours to tweak.
And lightning burns
the forest for a reason.

Our world is still in flux
and changing,
as all of life,
is here but for a season.

The deserts shift to
fruited plains.
The sea becomes dry land.
But not one change
on this old earth
was wrought by man’s
own hand.

Creatures come and go,
but not because some bell
has rung.
The shepherd does
the best he can.

But in the end
it’s up to God.

Not man.

Dennis Price


  1. Excellent. Excellent.

    I'd go read Al's, but don't think I could stomach it.

  2. Just put it there so you could reference my rebuttal. Thanks for coming by. Pappy


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