Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Almost Election Time.

Here are our two U. S. Representatives from the Valley.  Solomon Ortiz of Raymondville on the left, and Ruben Hinojosa of Mercedes on the right.  Today Solomon Ortiz makes a rare appearance in Brownsville along with Bill Clinton to try and bolster his chances for re-election.  These two have become rich at the expense of the tax payer and are both experts at pulling pork from the barrel in exchange for tax dollars to be given away in the Valley.

Currently Ortiz is under investigation for his extensive travel out of the country both on private paid and tax payer funded junkets.  If you check his bank account, you might wonder how he has managed to amass such wealth on a Representative's salary.

Neither of our smiling agents of representation has a reputation of answering any tough questions.  They refuse to show up at Town Hall meetings or give interviews to the press.  Ortiz's political adds have been the same stilted political jargon since he took office in 1983.  He learned as a sheriff in Nueces County that if you don't say anything there is less chance you will be convicted.

Not answering anything but pre-scripted questions in heavily controlled environments makes it hard for voters to know how little these two really know about anything but how to take a big cut of the pie for themselves.

Now they bring in the big guns for help.  The voters are more aware this year and are sick of politicians who won't listen.  They have finally learned that spending money you don't have can get you in trouble personally and in government.  They will soon learn that killing the goose that lays the golden egg (income producers who are severely over taxed) will destroy their income also.

Bill Clinton is due to speak in the Valley today on behalf of Ortiz.  "Slick Willy" didn't get that name for his ability to conduct business in a moral and above board manner.  He was impeached, but the Senate couldn't find enough good men and women on either side of the aisle to do what needed to be done.  Now the master of stealing the people's money is coming to the Valley to rally the troops to vote for another politician who is an expert already.  I hope people will not turn out to watch this phony spectacle.

Let's get rid of this ilk.  Your political affiliation is less important than getting our country back on the right track.  Vote to get rid of those who got us into this mess.   


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