Friday, October 1, 2010

Ah! Today wild thoughts took my mind.

Ideas blown by gusty breezes
Slipped into consciousness.

Towering trees in some virgin forest long past.
A crystal stream.
Wild geese set against a gray winter’s sky.

A log cabin.
A warm stone fireplace.
A flannel shirt.
A friendly dog.
A need to hunt.

A good hot cup of morning coffee.
A biscuit.

It is crisp October air that brings them on,
So strong I almost let them take me where they will.

Dennis Price


  1. I already have a case of autumn fever, dagnabbit! This poem and the accompanying picture remind me of years past, when I lived in the High Desert in Oregon, and the aspen trees turned yellow in the fall. I could never decide which time I liked them better: greed and white leaves in spring, or gold leaves in autumn.

  2. I live in the low desert of South Texas. Actually it's a delta just below the Wild Horse desert. They call it the Valley, but the highest point here is 13 feet above sea level. No hills = No Valley right? The humidity is usually high here and so is the sweat factor. Our seasons are green and brown. Arkansas should be pretty about now. Pappy


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